The Importance of Organisation In Your Home

With the busy lives we lead day-to-day, it can be easy to let certain things fall by the wayside. Between work, social engagements and looking after ourselves, simple organisational tasks around the home quickly become low priority – but the effects of a disorganised home can be far greater than they might initially appear, and the benefits of keeping your home free of clutter are palpable. Here are four reasons home organisation is key, from rediscovering lost time to improving your mental health.

Saving Time

One of your most important assets is time – and a disorganised household can rob you of that time in a number of ways. You might find yourself late to leaving for work or an engagement for struggling to find vital items, or alternatively you might find your free time slipping away thanks to sorting through piles to find something. A home in which everything has its place makes finding crucial things far easier, and can add significant amounts of time back into your week.

Saving Money

A small and potentially unlikely point, but a nonetheless costly one, keeping your house well-organised could well prevent you from spending unnecessarily. In a cluttered or disorganised home, it is easy to lose track of belongings – or even lose them entirely. This will make you more likely to make purchases you don’t need to make, in order to replace items you’ve lost to your home’s clutter. These expenditures could be small – such as batteries or replacement lightbulbs – or they could be extremely costly in the form of tech accessories like tablet pens. Either way, these costs could add up, where organisation and storage could save you a premium.

Compartmentalising Your Life

Perhaps the most pressing incentive for keeping your house organised in recent times, having dedicated places for things can help you maintain control over your work life balance. With a revolution in working practices, more and more people are able to work remotely, setting up home offices and environments to allow them to carry out their day job from the comfort of their own homes. However, this can blur the lines between professional and personal, creating unhealthy working practices and increasing your stress levels. Creating purpose-built spaces for your work can make all the difference; a fitted office space can ensure your work stays in a dedicated working environment, and doesn’t affect your personal life. The same logic can be applied to any ‘purpose creep’ in other spaces of your home. Having dedicated rooms and storage solutions for specific things can ensure spaces are used to the best of their ability, and the feng shui of your home is preserved.

Tidy House, Tidy Mind

Lastly, but certainly not in the least, keeping your home clean and organised can have overwhelming benefits to your mental health. Scientific studies have found that those living in cluttered homes have a higher latent amount of cortisol in their bodies, indicating that messier homes make for stress-ier people. The simple act of keeping your home clean and in order can reduce your stress levels significantly, promoting calm and allowing you to rest easy in your downtime.

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