The Best Jobs for Graduates

So, graduation has rolled around, and now you’re left wondering what it is you should do with your life. It’s one of the most exciting times of your life, but it’s equally as terrifying. You’ve now got your qualifications, but what can you do with this seemingly ambiguous diploma? Unfortunately, you’ll soon discover that graduate positions are hard to come by, leaving you no choice but to apply for anything and everything. Therefore, when you are sifting through vacancies, you might consider the following positions. Not only will they help you put your degree to use, but they also bring in quite a salary. Learn more below.

Management Analyst

A management analyst is a company’s consultant for problem-solving and efficiency improvement. Ultimately, it’s the goal of a management analyst to maximize business performance, contribute to growth, bolster value, and solve issues. Since they need to have an objective view, management analysts aren’t members of the company itself. Instead, they’re self-employed or work for consulting agencies. It’s their role to offer expertise and advice to help mold the specialist skills of the company. All this is achieved via their outsiders’ perspective, as this provides a viewpoint that the company wouldn’t otherwise consider.

Registered Nurse

It’s the role of a registered nurse to handle various health tasks and see patients. Similarly, they provide types of therapy, offer comfort and care, promote and maintain health, control infection and safety, and manage care. Despite this, the daily tasks will depend on the patients, speciality, and facility type. Some typical daily tasks include working alongside health professionals, such as doctors, liaising with patients and families to give post-treatment care and manage conditions, setting up care plans, treating patients, recording symptoms and medical histories, and preparing patients for treatments and making assessments.


Accountants create, assess, authenticate, and organize financial records. In simple terms, they help guarantee that a company’s financial documents are efficient, legal, and compliant with the business. The day-to-day tasks of an accountant will vary each day and will also depend on the company they work for. For the majority of accounting positions, a bachelor’s degree is required, making this the perfect fit for someone with a maths-related degree. After all, a lot of the duties of an accountant tend to be associated with crunching numbers to keep finances in order for companies.

Market Research Analyst

Market research analysts gather data and information from various sources to create results. As with management analysts, market research analysts either work on a self-employed basis or are part of a consultancy. It’s their job to view a company’s strategy from an unbiased perspective and pave the way for their future successes. Market research analysts can either specialize in qualitative or quantitative research; qualitative research is formed from focus groups and interviews, whereas quantitative research requires you to work with statistics and other large amounts of information. Your personal strengths will help you determine which route you take.

Elementary School Teacher

Last but not least, an elementary school teacher is a popular route to take for graduates. These teachers are trained to teach children from kindergarten up until they reach fifth grade. As a result, not only is an elementary school teacher responsible for students’ educational growth, but they’re also responsible for their emotional growth. Consequently, it goes without saying that energy, creativity, patience, and communication are unequivocally vital. The daily tasks of an elementary school teacher will vary depending on the grade and the type of school. Regardless of these factors, though, elementary school teachers are responsible for the emotional and academic well-being of children.

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