The 4 Typical Newmarket Fun Events Perfect For Arcading

Singapore’s Newmarket doesn’t trail behind when it comes to festival fun, and that’s about the time when the arcade picks up pace. These events usually tag along with incredible fun, and people would go all out painting the town red. One way that guarantees unique fun is throwing your hat in the gaming ring and challenging your friends and family in arcade gaming. But while that’s a general perception of most events, a few special events attract all the fun. Here are some honorable mentions you need to know about.

1. The new year

Of course, emotions always run high, and spirits are usually boundless when ushering in a new year. That’s typically the most celebrated time of the year as it cuts across all religions and regions. And while it’s general to all people in Singapore, it’s one of the most memorable times of the year across Newmarket, where you’d find people popping beers and sharing laughter. But for gaming enthusiasts, there’s no better way to break the monotony of video gaming and take a fresher breath while arcading.

2. The Chinese new year

This event usually ensues on February 1st and is one of the most anticipated in Newmarket. It’s typically a giving period where gifting generally is the norm, and you’d spot families exchanging red envelopes. And while moods run high, finding an arcade to play your favorite games can be a worthy choice. During this time, you can visit https://www.timezonegames.com/en-nz/locations/timezone-newmarket, where you’re guaranteed all the Chinese New Year fun. Besides, there could be huge discounts in-store, you’d never honestly know.

3. Christmas day

During Christmas, the bells keep chiming, and the mood is all lighter. And usually, after sharing the moment with family and friends, there’s always the time to get fresher air in an arcade. Usually, that’s when there are favorable discounts and incredible offers worth trying, making it a perfect time to quench your gaming thirst. Besides, you’d relish the incredible mood and high spirit of everyone around you. Pretty sure your gaming buddies will also love the idea of steaming up during Christmas in the late afternoons as you wind up the day.

4. National day

The national day usually comes on August 9th, and like most Singapore people, the Marketplace residents also tag along. It’s typically the day that marks Singapore’s independence, and most people would flood the national day parade. Gaming enthusiasts usually hit the arcades and go out with their buddies in the Independence Day spirit. Besides, since it’s a public holiday, most people are generally free from the grips of work and school and

would indulge in numerous fun activities. If arcading is your favored taste, there’s no better way to have fun than engaging in it.


Arcading during the Newmarket events isn’t new, and people love doing it for fun. However, apart from arcading, there are many other fun activities to engage in to suit your various tastes. If you find it worthy, find some time and hit the arcades during the major Newmarket events and enjoy lumpy discounts and offers available.

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