Sugar Daddy: the Old Man With Lifelong Money

What used to be going out with a man of a certain age with money on the verge of expiration, is now called “sugar daddy” to give it a certain air of sophistication. The sugar daddy is represented as an attractive and elegant man, with long hair, gray hair and a lamp tan, but if he has money, any fur will do. Having many bills is the only essential requirement; An attractive mature person without pasta is useless.

The essence of a relationship with a guy who fits this denomination is the difference in age and interest in your money. A 35-year-old man, on the verge of maturity, can be considered as such if his financial situation listens to the conversation and the woman is, speaking of heterosexual relationships, at least ten years younger.

The famous writer Camilo José Cela has gone down in history as a national sugar daddy. He, who came to affirm in a television program that he was capable of absorbing a liter and a half of water through the anus, lived until the end of his days with Marina Castaño, with whom he maintained this type of relationship of love and convenience with forty years apart until he expired and she was the one who absorbed his inheritance. He wasn’t handsome or elegant, nor did he have the allure of sunburned skin, but he had a lot of money.

Who did fit better into the superficial and economical archetype of sugar daddy was Hugh Hefner, the Playboy mogul, who died with his white silver hair and in a dressing gown. Everyone knows that he was an old multi-millionaire whore, passed out and a consumer of recreational substances who recruited young, beautiful and statuesque women in his mansion to use whenever he felt like it, and that they accepted in exchange for social status and swimming pools. of dollars.

To establish relationships with sugar daddies from the sofa at home, there are exclusive applications for dating with old people, but Instagram and Tinder Premium are sold as good options for this purpose with the search box from 30 years to death. TikTok has also become a great showcase for this type of relationship where the woman, considered an escort or prostitute, promotes the “sugar” lifestyle by showing bills, bags, expensive gifts as compensation for her company, knowing how to be and sex for the gentleman with the thread of slime falling from the corner of his lip, that more than a couple, the kinship is equated to great-grandfather.

In the eagerness to get a man or several in a phase of vital and sexual decline, but with money, it is not wrong to go to places where it is well known that gentlemen with a good social position frequent, such as regatta clubs, the Congress cafeteria or the cocktail bars where the gin and tonic does not drop below 20 euros, although there is also the risk that the nouveau riche is starving playing posturing.

Needless to say, this trend of seducing rich dinosaurs always with a viagra in their pocket is not exclusively for women gold diggers. There is a parallel market of gay sugar daddies, and also of “sugar mommies”, women with good status who, oblivious to commitment, financially compensate men in exchange for sex. Although, as in everything, there have always been variations of it, just remember the Duchess of Alba and her last love twenty-four years apart, which would not be for financial interest at all.

In any case, far from being a novelty, the match with a sugar daddy is the eroticization of being the prostitute of a decrepit man with pasta, both parties agreeing. Also read how to find a sugar daddy on Snapchat.

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