Soccer Players With Casino Hobby

Many soccer players are fond of gambling: test their luck, brains, and casino life hacks. They are not afraid of losing their earnings and any possible hazards because of a successful career. It is not only a serious hobby but also a chance to combine physical and intellectual activities. It is a chance for football fans to look at their idols from the other side. Here you can read some information about 5 football stars:

Cristiano Ronaldo

Ronaldo is famous for the best goals on an international level and the title of 2-times world champion. This Portugal soccer player is often noticed at the poker table by the paparazzi. His passion for poker began when a gamer was 20 years old and practiced with his friends at home. Ronaldo is fond of the online casino too (especially poker).

Gambling is in the status of a serious hobby for this footballer. Maybe you’ll be fond of poker too if you play casino and try the best mobile casinos. In 2015 he has signed up a contract with the leading company “PokerStars”. Ronaldo can earn real money both in football and thanks to every casino win. He is a sample in several spheres and certainly can inspire new achievements and give casino tips.


Like Cristiano Ronaldo, this Brazilian football star is a great poker fan. Neymar has mentioned that he is going to develop as a professional poker gamer and play casino all time after retirement. He is dreaming of real money earned in such a way. Now he develops gaming industry trends and is proud of every casino win. Neymar often takes part in tournaments and gats pleasure from such activity. He is a champion of the World Series of Poker.

Gianluigi Buffon

This famous Italian goalkeeper is fond of sports betting and playing casino. He bet 1.5 million euros on the poker World Cup. As you can see, Buffon is quite a risky gamer. He was suspected of illegal gambling activities twice but was found not guilty. The goalkeeper actively takes part in tournaments and became even a PokerStars ambassador. Buffon knows the casino features and can give many casino life hacks. He is a very concentrated person and it helps him to achieve success both in football and gambling.

Wayne Rooney

This English footballer is an example of a player that has lost a lot of money. It was a hobby without any benefits to Rooney. And a big hazard to his finances. He tried his luck in online casinos, poker, blackjack, and roulette. In 2008 Rooney has lost 65000 pounds in poker. The luck didn’t smile at him and he is not a good casino player. It is a great sum of money for any ordinary person, but the footballer is not poor thanks to a successful soccer career. Footballers can afford such risks because of their big salaries.

David Beckham

This star is famous not only because of his soccer achievements and handsome appearance but also for his serious hobby. Manchester United and Real Madrid star began gambling after his wonderful football career. Beckham was often noticed in Las Vegas and won real money several times there. He is both a gambling investor and a player.

To conclude I must admit that gambling for soccer players is a way to relax and a hobby (sometimes beneficial, sometimes not). Some footballers even consider casinos as the sphere of professional activity, participate in tournaments, and have brilliant achievements. They develop critical thinking, attention, and logic thanks to gambling. Some players tried to find themselves in various games but without success. Soccer players are attractive because they are risky and are not afraid to lose. They are samples from several spheres of life.

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