Slot Apps Vs Blackjack Apps: What to Try Next?

Slots and blackjack are two of the most beloved games in the gambling industry – but which should you try next? This guide will provide a comparison of the app versions of both these games, enabling you to make a quick decision.

The casino industry is very different now compared to what it used to be. Rather than putting on their fanciest outfits, people are instead staying at home to play the app versions of their favorite casino games, instead. Honestly, who can blame them?

  • Casino apps are more convenient
  • They save you time and effort (as no travelling is required)
  • You can play on your preferred devices, from smartphones to tablets
  • You can deposit and withdraw your winnings more quickly

When it comes to the most popular casino apps, slots and blackjack are both at the top of the list. If you aren’t sure which one you should try, here’s a look at the pros and cons of both games.


Firstly, to get started, you’ll need to use one of the casino apps.

Pros of Slots

Slot apps are great because they’re:

  • Easy to play
  • Super simple and beginner-friendly
  • Based purely on chance and luck – you don’t need to learn any complex rules
  • Available in a variety of different themes – for example, you can play Star Wars and Monopoly-themed slots online

Cons of Slots

The major con of online slot machines is that it’s difficult to go on continuous winning streaks. This is because the game is based entirely on luck, meaning you’re going to eventually lose a game at some point.

This is why pros recommended that as soon as you start to gather winnings on the slots, you should cash out and move onto another game.


Pros of Blackjack

Now, let’s take a look at the pros of blackjack:

  • The gameplay is fast-paced when compared to blackjack in land-based casinos
  • You can build your own individual game strategies
  • There are higher pay-out opportunities
  • It’s an easy-to-understand card game, especially when compared to poker
  • There’s a card dealer involved, making the experience more interactive

Cons of Blackjack

Due to the fast-paced nature of online blackjack, it creates a risk of falling into a losing streak if you don’t quickly gain control of your strategy. This is why you should never rush into a game of blackjack – instead, only play when you know which strategy you’re going to use.

Most blackjack players have scheduled playing times during the week so that they can prepare their strategies in advance. To help you with this, use a scheduling app.

If you make an account on Twitch, you can watch pro blackjack players stream their gameplay online, which is a great source for learning new strategies.

Final Thoughts

You now know the pros and cons of playing the app versions of slots and blackjack online.

For people who want a more casual, luck-based experience, slot machines are the best option for you. However, if you’re someone who enjoys critical thinking and implementing different strategies, then you’ll likely prefer blackjack.

Whichever game you choose, make sure to gamble responsibly, take your time, and only play with budgets that you’re comfortable with.

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