Skills-focused CV: what it is, how it differs from a regular CV, essential elements

As you may know, there are several types of CVs that people create to be recruited, but the most widespread is a chronological one. This article will describe a skills-focused CV, compare it with the usual one, and provide practical advice on building a skills-focused resume for applying to a job.

Review on Skills-Focused Resume

There are a lot of myths about this type of CV, regarding its lack of information and unsuccess in getting a job. We consider that a skills-focused resume is as powerful as a chronological one for several reasons. Firstly we need to understand what is the content of a skills-focused resume and how it is different from a traditional one. 

As it can be understood from the name, this type of CV includes more data about your skills and knowledge than work experience. The main elements of a skills-focused CV are your achievements in some areas that you got because of your mastery. You can describe how you obtained the skills and how you have applied them in your previous work or projects. Of course, you will need to clarify your job experience but not focus on it entirely. You should illustrate the practical part of your work to confirm that you can apply these skills that you have in a new position.

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Reasons to Write Skills-Focused Resume Instead of Chronological One

A chronological resume works great when you have had a huge experience working in the same field as a job you apply for. However, there are situations when you did not have that much experience because you were a student or because you are changing your career entirely. In this case, you will not have enough confident information to fill in a resume to be hired. That is why a skills-focused CV can be useful for beginners in occupation searching or new people in the sphere.

Create a skills-focused CV if you:

  1. Want to change the direction of your career and have enough skills to obtain a job in a new field;
  2. Have not worked in the sphere of this job for a long time and want to prove that you still have the mastery of managing it;
  3. Prefer to illustrate your soft skills or achievements that were not noticed during the previous job experience;
  4. Do not have work experience because you are a student or you just graduated.

The thing is that your skills-focused resume can attract more attention from hiring managers if it is of high quality because it will be distinct from the CVs of other participants. Once you know how to construct a perfect skills-focused resume, you will leave no chance to your competitors.

Content of Skills-Focused CV

There are several topics that you need to cover in a skills-focused CV to be noticed by the HR manager of the desired company:

  1. Contacts — you should include your name, email, phone number, and links to your social media sites in the first part of your CV.
  2. Introduction of yourself — put an eye-catching description of yourself to attract the attention of the HR manager.
  3. Qualification summary — qualification and experience helpful for the desired position.
  4. List of skills — mention all the skills you have that relate to the desired position and clarify the way you obtain them.
  5. Work experience — be short while listing your previous workplaces and include only suitable for demonstration of your mastery projects and jobs.
  6. Education — describe the degrees that you have obtained to the moment of application.
  7. Hobbies and activities (optional) — enter your hobbies to show the versatility of your interests.

It seems like these sections are similar to the parts of the usual CV but make sure that you did a great job describing your skills and their application. The main purpose of this type of CV is to demonstrate your proficiency in the field and illustrate examples of their usability for the desired job. 

Approaches to Create the Best Skills-Focused Resume

It is not enough to know what you should include in your resume because the pre-processing of a CV is the crucial step in creating it. Here we will list the most practical advice for making a resume of high quality:

  • Do not hesitate to express your desires about your future career at the beginning of your resume. You should show that you are interested in the position and explain why you are suitable for it. However, the shorter your text is, the more attractive it will seem to the recruiter.
  • Analyze vacancies before writing your skills. You should find matches between your proficiency and the requirements of the company to make sure you are suitable for this occupation. Also, the recruiter should understand that you know what to do when you are applying for the job.
  • Try to provide information about various skills you have and do not focus only on communication skills or hard skills. Show that you can be a universal worker but do not overdo it. You can choose 4-6 skills that you are a master of and justify them with examples.
  • Make HR managers think that you are a real specialist by outlining your achievements received with your skills. It can be a routine situation in your previous job where you used your experience and were successful in the competition.
  • Keep a skills-focused CV short and balanced and do not overload it with things not related to the desired position.
  • Do not be unfounded and provide quantitative data or trustable justifications for your achievements. Recruiters appreciate candidates that provide structured and accurate information.

All in all, the process of building a perfect skills-focused resume is similar to that of a chronological one. You should make the recruiter interested in your offer from the first second, and our tips will allow you to do this. 

To Sum Up

A skills-focused resume will be a good choice for you if you have proficiency in the sphere of the position you apply for, and you can demonstrate it. This type of CV is an opportunity to show mastery for those who have a special situation regarding work experience. If you are a student or you want to change your sphere having enough skills to start a career in a new field, you should pay closer attention to a skilled-focused paper.
You have only 7 seconds to attract the attention of the recruiter, and that is why you should keep short, include only suitable skills, and prove that you can apply them at the desired job.

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