Revealed: Digital Signage Bumps Up the Average Purchase Amount By 29.5%

As the world moves more and more actively towards digitalisation, various trends have emerged that are important for any business to follow closely. While it’s still possible to see your business thrive with minimal investments on certain technological fronts, there are some cases where ignoring recent progress will lead to severe issues down the road. Digital signage is something that can bring some significant, proven benefits to your operations, while at the same time costing relatively little compared to other marketing tools. If you’re still not using it in your business, you’re missing out on a lot.

The Growing Popularity of Digital Signage

You don’t have to look far to see digital signage taking the market by storm, especially if you live in some parts of the country. And this trend will only continue in the coming years, as more and more people get used to the convenience that these solutions provide. In some environments, people expect to be presented with certain types of information on easily accessible signs by default and failing to do that can immediately drag down any initial impression those customers might have about your business.

Numbers Don’t Lie: It Just Works

Some business owners still doubt the usefulness of digital signage and other similar solutions. But at this point, it’s hard to ignore the facts. Statistics indicate that average purchase amounts tend to go up by almost 30% with the appropriate use of digital signage. And it doesn’t end there.

Brands report a nearly 50% increase in their brand awareness, while digital displays in general have been shown to capture around 4x as many views as their regular, static counterparts. And it’s very likely that we’re barely scratching the surface of what this technology can bring to the table, especially in light of modern developments like additional tracking measures, AI-driven analytics, and improved communication between remote locations belonging to the same company.

Early Adoption Has Its Benefits

If you want to reap those benefits to their fullest, you have to get started as early as possible. Like many modern solutions, early adoption of digital signage can pay off significantly in the long run, allowing you to explore the technology for all it has to offer, while also getting a good deal on it early on.

You may even find yourself in a viable position to experiment with completely new trends on this market, which can boost the popularity of your business on a larger scale than traditional marketing and make you a well-known name in your industry. Building good relationships with renowned suppliers and service providers like ONQ Digital Group is also going to benefit you in the future, especially once the market starts to get crowded and everyone realises that they want a few digital signs for their own business.

Understanding What Works and What Doesn’t

On the note of AI-driven analytics that we touched above, this is something you must also utilise as much as possible if you want to see success with your use of digital signage. Some strategies will work better than others, just like with any promotional tool, and it’s important to have some actual data that tells you if you’re going in the right direction.

There are many ways to gather useful information for this purpose, and it’s a good idea to deploy some analytical systems as early as possible when you’ve decided to go with digital signage. It doesn’t have to be anything too detailed – simply collecting some engagement data will go a long way towards improving your campaign and ensuring that your content lands exactly the way it should. You can keep building on top of that in the future, expanding your data collection efforts and gathering even more information to help you drive your campaign properly. If this got your attention, it’s important to act fast. As we mentioned earlier, taking proper advantage of digital signage and reaping all the benefits it provides requires you to adopt the technology as early as you can, because that will provide you with enough information about what works and what options to avoid. Working with a competent partner is also a good idea, as they will be able to guide you through your first steps.

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