Quick Types of Saree Materials Based On Fabric You Should Know

If you wear sarees, you would be knowing that sarees are there in abundant designs, textures, materials, and fabrics. You can own the collection of sarees that are absolutely rewarding and an epitome of your lifestyle and charm.

Indeed, whether you are looking for a heavy saree, a casual one, or even designer plain sarees, you can find them all as per your needs. In this post, you would know about the quick types of sarees materials based on fabric. Once you know about them, you can choose better for your saree collection. And of course, your trousseau is going to thank you for the same.

Actually, one of the gorgeous truths in life is that you all experience change ineverything, whether in your lifestyles or fashion trends, change is something that is constant andmust. Similarly, Females also prefer to pick their preferred option from a huge gamut of sarees, and fortunately, the most stimulating secret of this trending piece is that you can easily find a huge range of fabrics, each having its design and that of even uniqueness. 

You do all know that the Indian Saree is a timeless type of ethnic fabric that expresses the traditions and that of overall culture of the nation. This is the only ethnic wear that appears beautiful on women of any age group and even that of body type. The elegance of this piece of clothing is absolutely supreme and that is the reason everyone loves and esteems this special attire. Not only in India, but in each part of the world, sarees have actually taken the international fashion world like a storm. So, without any delay, have a look at some fabric type based sarees that you would love to own.


The Chiffon Sarees have now turn out to be one of the most favourabletype of fabrics for anyoccasion. This fabric is somewhat made with a distinct type of weaving technique that actually makes it somewhat softer, lighter, and easy to drape. Hence , these sarees are mostly chosen by the females who are a bit healthier and plump.The most interesting and unique feature of this saree is this comes with vibrant type of shades , designsand even appears to be lighter and somewhat delicate. So, it is suggested to handle these designersarees quite carefully.

Art Silk

Art Silk or that of even known as Artificial Silk saree is a synthetic type of fiber that is quite alike pure silk saree. These are the sarees that are super airy, cosy , and lightweight fabric that makes them an ideal choice for hot summers. Females consider wearing art silk type of sarees over that of pure silk sarees because of its eye-catchy designs and prints as well as being readily available in reasonable costs.


Now, cotton Sarees are one of the immortal types of fabrics and the finest material that feelscomfortable to wear amidst all the sarees. This fabric is somewhat soft, flimsy, and even a mostpreferred wear option during the times of summer. It is an extremely soft material and may be wornfor long sort of hours in the absence of any hassle. Despite having so many types of perks, women generally do not really wear cottonsarees regularly as it demands a lot of care and of maintenance to guard theirlongevity.

Cotton silk

Speaking of cotton silk sarees, these are made from a blend of cotton and silk fiber, hence adding a fresh layer of lustre to the overall cotton sarees. It is somewhat a silky, flimsy, and even absolutely comfortable weave that contains all the prime benefits of cotton as well as silk fiber andmakes it an extraordinary saree material offering an ethnic appeal.


The Georgette sarees are somewhat affordable and daily wear sarees contrary to other types of saree fabrics. These are there in several colour shades and even patterns. The fabric is somewhat soft, flimsy to wear, and even that can be conveniently washable. Hence, it does not really require much maintenance. Also, these are the most adored type of sarees during the time of hot summers.


Crepe saree is also a type of saree material like georgette and of chiffon that are made by ablend of silk and artificial type of cloth material like rayon. It is a material that makes females look very appealing and enchanting because of its creased and distinct texture. The thin fabric makes this saree fuss-free and absolutely easy to drape by creating ideal type of pleats and folds as per your liking. Crepe fabric is originally made making use of silk, however, in today’s time other types of fabrics like cotton, rayon, and chiffon are combined to produce faux crepe.

Linen sarees

You can take linen saree as one of the lightest and comfortable fabrics that get derivedfrom fibers of the flax plant. This fabric is absolutely soft, comfortable, durable, easy-to-drape, and even that of sweat-absorbent like cotton. Most females do love linen sarees becauseit fits all types of seasons and events but one drawback of this fabric is it is somewhat costlier than cotton and requires a lot of maintenance while washing, ironing, and even draping.

Net sarees

Net sarees are the most vogue and fashionable nine-yard drapes picked most of the times chosen by girls forany even and occasion, parties, or even that of event. This saree is not meant for regular wear because of itstransparent and weak sort fabric. You require to be additional careful while wearing orwashing it. You can find these sarees in various colours and that of even patterns. But dark-coloured net sarees appear more alluring and form up a style statement for any sort of occasion.


So, check all these sarees out at snapdeal and make them a part of your stunning clothing style. You would adore wearing these stylish, graceful, and comfortable sarees. After all, when you add up new styles, you look more peppy, charming, and exciting.

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