Problems and solutions of working your way around the world

The joy of travel is something that captures the imagination of millions of us worldwide – there is something innately exciting about swapping the everyday sights and sounds of home for somewhere new. For many of us, however, it’s not as easy as we’d like it to be. It’s not cheap to go on long holidays, and our work commitments can get in the way. In order to afford even an occasional break in a new place, we need to work hard and long hours, meaning that by the time we can actually get away, we need the holiday just to recover. So the potential of digital nomad jobs is an exciting development. Killing two birds with one stone, we can work remotely and see the world as we do so.

Of course, nothing in this world is perfect, so being a digital nomad does come with a few caveats that need to be borne in mind, and it is important to face those head-on before you embark. It’s not that much fun to allow the realities of life to infringe upon the reverie of the “have laptop, will travel” plans we have. But it’s much less fun when something gets in the way of our enjoyment once we’ve actually embarked upon those plans, so it’s a good idea to face the problems, and game out some solutions, ahead of time and therefore be more ready when the complications arise.

Settling into a routine

As much as your boring daily job may be a push factor in making you decide to be a digital nomad, there are things about it that are advantageous. One of those is the fact that you get into a routine. When you start your commute at the same time, take your breaks according to a schedule, and do the same things every day at a particular time, it’s easier to manage and you’ll be surprised how hard it is to get used to a looser schedule.

As a digital nomad, you decide your schedule, so set yourself some hard and fast rules. Get up at a set time every day. Submit work on a schedule, so you don’t get caught up in other things. And plan in free time on weekends. Your week still needs to be shaped like a week – and it’s not like you won’t have things you want to do when you’ve clocked off.

Finding a destination that works

One of the things that makes a person excited about being a digital nomad is the absence of restrictions. You can say to yourself “I want to be in Kerala now!”, buy the tickets, and there you are. But you do need to be conscious of the fact that the “digital” part of the lifestyle exists, too. To make this work, you need to have ready access to stable internet. That won’t be the case everywhere you travel.

The only way to make a digital nomad lifestyle work is to ensure that you can work. Research ahead of time to ensure that you can stay somewhere with reliable WiFi or at least mobile internet, and have backup plans for your backup plans.


The digital nomad lifestyle appeals to a certain kind of person, and that kind of person is usually carefree and happy to up sticks and go at the drop of a hat. However, even if you feel that applies to you, you may be surprised by how easy it is to feel lonely or homesick when you don’t have a regular base.

One of the key considerations here is to find yourself a support base – there are plenty of online groups for digital nomads where it is easy to find people in the same boat. You may even cross paths with some people who share your situation, especially as there are increasing numbers of cities and regions where digital nomads tend to congregate.

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