On Problems of Lesbian Dating

As the LGBTQ+ rights movement began, society has divided in half – those who are still against queer people and those who accept and support them. Considering that, so far, LGBTQ+ representatives have managed to gain at least some of the rights they need to feel safe, being a proud queer individual still requires courage and strength. For some, it’s hard to believe, but many barriers still stand in the way of living a happy life for these people. To understand them better, let’s go through a few most common hardships LGBTQ+ representatives face today based on the example of lesbians’ struggles all over the world.

Some Have to Hide Their True Self

Coming out for LGBTQ+ people always feels like a huge breakthrough, as shaking such a heavy burden off one’s shoulders is a meaningful step that requires courage. And that’s no wonder since many of them have to hide their true selves for years, afraid of rejection, judgment, and shaming. Still, even considering that queer people receive more recognition these days, thousands of lesbians and gays worldwide still keep a low profile for various reasons.

Having to hide their sexual orientationfrom their family, friends, and society in general, many lesbians find it hard to build and maintain long-term relationships. This is due to the pressure of having to be cautious all the time that such relationships bring along. They just cannot interact with their significant other as they usually would, which in most cases leads to frustration and even anxiety. So if one of the partners has to hide their true sexuality, such couples end up either coming out or breaking up.

The Dating Scene Is Still Limited

Considering how open some LGBTQ+ representatives have become in recent years, it’s now surely easier to find like-minded queer people. Various communities offline and online were created for them to gather and communicate. But does this mean that meeting a queer for a serious relationship is a breeze now?

The online dating scene is thriving today, and if some time ago, one had to struggle in order to meet someone special, today it can be done in a few clicks. Thousands of LGBTQ+ people can be found online, so if one wants to meet bi girls for a serious relationship, all they have to do is choose a reputable bi dating site and create an account.

Unfortunately, the offline dating scene is still limited. Being a lesbian or even bi person, you will probably find it hard to meet someone to date in real life as the chances of meeting queer people on the streets are relatively smaller compared with the chances of meeting a heterosexual, obviously. Still, when switching to the Internet, the picture changes dramatically.

Public Displays of Affection Can Be Frowned Upon

On the other hand, even when being completely honest about their sexuality, most lesbians, gays, and bisexuals alike feel uncomfortable displaying affection in public. Unfortunately, we still live in a society where being queer is considered at least odd, so many people judge same-sex couples who dare to hug their partner or give them a kiss in places where others can witness it.

Some prefer to ignore everyone else and continue to behave the way they feel comfortable;some, on the other hand, become modest in order to avoid conflicts. But no matter the choice, every LGBTQ+ couple is always cautious and prepared that public displays of same-sex relationships can lead to insults andeven physical injuries.

There are so many cases of lesbian couples being beaten up because of the fact that they are “another,” not to mention the hundreds of thousands of cases of moral damage caused by homophobic people. This is a reality that thousands of queer couples face around the world and is something humanity has yet to grapple with for years to come.

Possibility to Run on Your Exes Withinthe Community

Among other things, no matter if we talk about a lesbian or any other member of the LGBTQ+ community, there is always the possibility that they will constantly run into their former lovers. It is due to the fact that the queer dating community is usually pretty small, no matter the city. But when it comes to smaller cities, a lack of options leads to the fact that everyone in the community knows each other, which, in its turn, leads to unnecessary drama.

Unlike heterosexual people who have many options available, LGBTQ+ representatives must approach the issue of choosing a partnerthoroughly, carefully weighing the pros and cons, because any mistake could lead to the fact that your personal life will be public within the community. And given that many queer people continue to hide their sexual orientation, as mentioned before, finding a partner in real life remains quite a challenge.

Despite the long road of struggle and attempts to ensure a safe and secure life for themselves, LGBTQ+ representatives continue to fight every day to be recognized by society. There are many new struggles ahead, but if we want to make a difference, we must all learn to understand and accept each other.

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