Offroad Radios: Heroes and Lifesavers


You’re an explorer – some might even call you an adventurer. You enjoy going off the beaten path and seeing just where it can take you. The weather, mud, or mosquitoes don’t matter, just as long as you’re within your trusty off-road vehicle of choice.

Getting away from the urban landscape and the vagaries of a modern lifestyle is a dream for many. Mixing the beauty of nature with the adrenaline-filled thrill of racing through a gray-green forest or a series of winding hills can release enough stress to last you a month.

What if you go a bit too far off-road, though? If your passion overcomes you and you find yourself truly isolated from civilization, then you better hope you were wise enough to have bought an off-road radio.

In this article, we’re going to be detailing the importance of having off-road communications for when disaster strikes and the fun is quickly turning into dread.

Dangers of Off-Road Vehicles

Off-road vehicles have come a long way since the Kegresse track, which is widely considered to be the first off-road modification in history. Despite being known for their raw power and ability to dominate any terrain that doesn’t consist of asphalt, wood, or cobblestone, off-road vehicles are also infamous for their danger

Here’s a quick look as to why off-road vehicles can be a lot of trouble.

High Center of Gravity

One of the main drawbacks and points of criticism to off-road vehicles is that they have a high center of gravity. What this means is that there’s a much higher chance of your vehicle rolling over when driving, such as when taking a steep turn.

The average SUV has almost twice the fatality rate of cars and almost triple the rate of rollover accidents. Off-road vehicle drivers have to remain perfectly attentive while at the wheel or run the risk of a life-threatening injury.

Bodily and Vehicular Damage

Off-road vehicles are meant to be commandeered in extreme environments, yes, but most of them haven’t been designed to offer the most comfortable experience. Fans of off-road cars frequently return home having sustained injuries, whether from jumping a little too high after driving over a bump or knocking over a small tree.

To make matters worse, while your body might bounce back and heal within a couple of days or even hours (depending on your age), your car won’t, and will thus require repairs. We don’t need to tell you how expensive that can get.

Maybe Too Fun

Almost every off-road enthusiast can tell you how tempting it can be to forget about daily tasks and jump in their car for a quick moment of respite. The spouses and partners of millions of off-road fans from across the world are more than used to how their significant others often look at landmarks of natural beauty and say, “I bet my 4×4 could drive over that obstacle.”

Off-road adventuring can be addictive. You can go out into the woods for a quick drive, and, before you know it, you can’t find your way back, and it’s close to midnight. What’s worse is that it’s getting cold, and you hear the sound of wolves…

Enter the Off-Road Radio

The importance of off-road communication cannot be underestimated. As shown, off-road vehicles are particularly susceptible to danger. Having your car rollover in the middle of a natural park with no help within several dozen miles is not an experience you want to partake in.

An off-road radio can also come in handy whenever you get lost, fall down a ravine, have your engine break down, are surprised by a freak storm, or start feeling lonely after the driving adrenaline fades off. The truth is that off-road communication is not so much a convenience as it is a necessity for survival.

You wouldn’t want to be caught out in the wilderness without food or water, so why go out into dangerous areas without a way to escape?

There are a lot of choices you have at your disposal when it comes to off-road communication, such as the popular Rugged Radio accessories range. In the end, it depends on what rig you have and how strong of a signal you’re looking to acquire.

Better Safe Than Sorry

You only need to get lost once to be at risk of losing your life. Rather than leave yourself prone to such danger, the better solution would be to opt for an off-road communication system.

Protecting yourself doesn’t mean you have to stop being a daredevil: it just means being smart and caring about your continued survival.

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