Occupational Stress Signs Every Student Should Know

Occupational stress today is honored to be included in the international classification of diseases, where it has been given a special section. It is a unique phenomenon, which manifests itself in psychosomatic reactions to work problems. I remember being a college students and having a lot of tasks. I feel anxiety all the time and need someone to write my essay for me to just have more time for myself. Fortunately, today you can use different services for it.

There are several types of occupational stress.

  • Emotional occupational stress. Appears when there are real problems, for example, when you feel guilty about an unfulfilled task.
  • Informational. Occurs when there are strict time constraints. It is often accompanied by such factors as uncertainty of circumstances and rapidly changing information.
  • Communicative. Appears when there are difficulties in business communication, lack of tact, and self-control.
  • Fear of making a mistake. Appears with fear of doing something wrong. Because of such stress, a worker rejects everything new and risky; a person’s creativity is blocked.
  • Competition. This is one of the most frequent kinds of stress. Because of it, a person starts to live for his or her career, everything else in life takes second place, competition and rivalry become the purpose of life.
  • Achievement. This is a special kind of professional stress. Its main problem is that a person’s real potential does not correspond to his expectations.
  • Success. This is also a special kind of stress. It appears in a situation when an employee becomes very successful in his professional field. The danger here is that the meaning of the current kind of activity is lost.

We can especially note the fact that money problems are also a negative consequence of occupational stress. For example, winning the lottery or a sudden inheritance cause more trouble than positives.

Those who are wealthy suddenly discover that not everything in this world is bought or sold. Notions such as health or love certainly cannot be bought in a store.

Manifestations of occupational stress can be as follows:

  • Prolonged depression;
  • Aggression towards colleagues;
  • excessive overload in the workplace;
  • a high percentage of spoiled products at work;
  • lack of desire to go to work, up to and including absenteeism.
  • excessive responsibility leading to conflicts, etc.

Positive and negative effects of stressful situations

Opinions about the harm or benefit of stressful situations are quite contradictory. In some cases, the state of stress effectively affects the work process. As a rule, this phenomenon manifests itself at the initial stage of the appearance of stress. At this time there is a chance that the person will get a shake and will cheer up, he will have an incentive to work further and gather his forces to overcome obstacles.

Here it is very important to understand the situation in which the stressor is manifested. First of all, it is the body’s defense in response to a negative situation. Such a reaction reduces the risk of a nervous breakdown, it is a kind of airbag. But, as you know, everything in this world is useful in moderation. Being in such a state all the time is very dangerous for the body, and the consequences can be unpleasant.

Stress affects both the human psyche and his physical state. Because of stress factors, human behavior changes. Many negative consequences appear:

  • Life attitudes get blurred;
  • loss of purpose;
  • relationships with colleagues deteriorate;
  • a constant feeling of irritation;
  • excessive irascibility;
  • apathy and depression set in.

Occupational stress affects the body much worse, physical negative symptoms appear:

  • the risk of cardiovascular disease increases significantly;
  • back pains appear;
  • the condition of the hair and skin deteriorates;
  • the body’s immune system collapses;
  • there are problems with sleep;
  • The person sharply loses weight or gains weight;
  • the nervous system fails;
  • work of gastrointestinal tract worsens, there is a big risk of ulcer appearance.

And these are not all the possible health problems. In this case, the psychosomatic causes of diseases are confirmed. It is rightly said that all diseases come from nerves.

Signs of chronic occupational stress

Occupational stress, when passing into the chronic stage, begins to show some negative signs. This negative phenomenon can be prevented if the following features can be seen in time:

  • work turns into hard labor, going to it does not want to;
  • A frequent headache;
  • a person gets tired quickly during work;
  • the memory becomes worse;
  • absent-mindedness appears;
  • the person smiles and laughs very little;
  • many mistakes are made in the process of work;
  • concentration and focus are lost.

Everyone reacts differently to stressful situations. It depends on the person’s psyche, the degree of susceptibility to external stimuli, emotional characteristics. To protect against the negative impact of stressors you need to build up emotional resilience. Such character traits as rationality, self-control, discipline help in this difficult task.

It is necessary to be able to make decisions in time, to be organized, to think thoroughly about your actions, and to educate your character.

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