Night-Time Turnout Rugs For Spring

Weather can be unpredictable at the best of times, but when it’s night-time and you’ve got no way of knowing what the weather’s changed to, it can be hard picking the best turnout rug for your horse. Turnout rugs are a brilliant way at keeping your horse warm and dry throughout the changing seasons, but Spring can be a tricky one to master. Not only can it go from a sunny morning to a thunderstorm filled afternoon at the drop of a hat, but it can be a lot warmer than anticipated. So, if you’re trying to find the best turnout rug for your horse to wear during the spring nights, keep reading and discover the solution!

Go Lighter

When it comes to spring, you may want to make the change to a lighter rug. This way you can be sure your horse isn’t overheating and is comfortable. As the weather will have warmed up slightly, you need to ensure the turnout rug is breathable so your horse can sweat without it causing dampness beneath it. If the rug doesn’t allow their skin to breathe properly, skin problems can occur and make it painful for them to even wear a rug. Sweating also allows them to regulate their temperature, so you must ensure you choose a high quality, breathable rug.


In springtime, you can’t ever be sure if that one pesky dark cloud will soon become ten and begin pouring, so a waterproof rug is always a good option. The same goes for the evenings too. It may be all clear skies when you head off to bed, but it can all change within minutes.Rugs that come equipped with a neck cover are always beneficial at this time of year, as not only will they keep the cold chills out, but they prevent icy cold raindropsfrom getting inside their rug. Some turnout rugs will come with a detachable neck cover, so they’re perfect for the ever changing weather. Your horse can wear the lightweight rug during the day, and then you could pop the neck cover on at night if the weather’s taken a turn for the worst.

Know Your Horse

Each horse will have a different tolerance to weather, so it all depends on what they prefer. Some horses may feel a drop in temperature more than others, so would need a thicker rug at night. Others may overheat quickly and prefer to have nothing or something super lightweight. Horses are also great at maintaining their body temperature, so if you’re feeling a slight crispness in the air, they might not feel it at all. But if you’re bundled up because of the piercing gale-force winds, you might want to consider rugging your horse in a similar fashion. Just because they’re a burly breed, doesn’t mean they won’t feel the cold as easily. There isn’t one answer to solve all when it comes to rugging your horse for Spring nights. Instead, focus on choosing a top-notch turnout rug and being aware of your horse’s preferences. Then you can be certain you’ve done your very best for your equine companion.

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