Math Blogs: Enhances the Knowledge About the Concepts

Mathematics is a subject that needs the assistance of parents, teachers, or tutors. Unlike the other subjects, we can’t just by heart answers. This subject demands a clear understanding of methods to solve the problem. Because the questions in the exams may vary from the questions given in textbooks.  Math blogs that are available on the internet today play a significant role in explaining the methods to solve problems. They are like remote resources that are available anywhere anytime. Provided with smartphones and a good internet connection.

Top Advantages of Math Blogs

  • These blogs provide a clear idea of the underlying concepts. With the help of effective examples and simple explanations.
  • The major advantage of blogs is their flexibility. Students can browse these contents irrespective of the place and time. The only required resources are smartphones with good internet connections. Which are readily available to all the students nowadays.
  • Since most of the contents in the blog will be in the theoretical form students can understand the topics better, rather than which are given in the numerical and full of calculations.
  • Blogs are written by the subject experts. So learning through these blogs provides many dimensions for the problems. This means students can get more than one method to solve a single problem. Since different writers will follow different ideas. Among them choosing an easy way to solve the problems is an added advantage for the students.
  • Nowadays most children are addicted to mobile phones. Always engaged in playing games, and browsing other social websites like Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp, etc. Instead of investing their precious time in such activities. Students should cultivate the habit of reading subject-related blogs and many educational websites. Which makes their academic syllabus more interesting.
  • Reading the math blogs will provide you with a clear explanation of the problems. Once the students get a clear idea of concepts, it Will become easy for them to solve the further N number of problems with the same concept in any twisted format.
  • Math blogs focus on reading and understanding the given problem clearly. Because in solving any maths problem the basic step is to tabulate the given data and focus on what needs to be calculated. Using the appropriate formula which is relevant to the given questions is very important. It can be achieved only after reading and understanding the concepts in math blogs.

Let’s Understand the Concept of Quadratic Functions

It is defined as the polynomial function which contains one or more variables. Where the highest degree of variable is 2.  The word quadratic is derived from the word “quad” which means square. Hence the name quadratic functions. A quadratic equation should contain at least one variable whose degree is 2. The quadratic functions with a single variable are

  • F(x)=Ax2+Bx+C=0
  • The quadratic functions with more than one variable are
  • F(x,y)= Ax2+By2+Cxy+DX+Ey
  • P(x)= Mx2+Nx+O=0 it is the standard form of quadratic function where M, N, and O are real numbers and M is not equal to 0.

Example: Find vertex of parabola y= 5×2+10x-15

        Comparing the given equation with the standard form of the quadratic equation we get


 x -coordinates of the vertex are: 10/2(5)=-1

Substitute the obtained x value in standard equation





So, the vertex of parabola is at (-1,-20).

Applications of Quadratic Equations

It is one of the important topics in mathematics. Which is the basis of many other concepts in maths.

1. Finding the profit

2. Calculating room areas

3. Calculating Speed

4. Finding the vertex of the parabola

5. Calculating the surface area volume

6. Pythagoras theorem.

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