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Basketball is a passionate sport and the NBA is particularly rich in news. Here is a list of the latest NBA news, so you don’t miss anything about your favorite sport! Moreover, if you like to bet, it is important to be well informed. Find the best nba odds online and live your sport even more intensely!

The great return of Gordon Hayward

Charlotte will find its wingman for its trip to Philadelphia after 22 games of absence. The rehabilitation of Gordon Hayward’s left ankle is over! The former Jazz and Celtics player has resumed training for two weeks and has accelerated the pace in recent days. It remains to be seen if he will start in the major five or off the bench for his first games, although the issue does not seem to bother the Charlotte coach more than that.

“He’s been through direct play, but he’s such a cerebral player that he knows how to play,” James Borrego chuckled. “He sticks with every team, whether it’s the starters or the backups. He’s going to boost our game intelligence, our creation and our confidence on the court.”

While the Hornets remain on an eight-game winning streak, Gordon Hayward will then have four more games to get back into a rhythm before moving on to the play-in.

“Ones Basketball Association, Tracy McGrady launches one-on-one league

In search of the country’s most talented player in the sport, Tracy McGrady is counting on the next generation to boost a project he compares to the UFC.

Tracy McGrady doesn’t have a cage to surround the half-court of his Ones Basketball Association. Instead, he’s counting on the competitive spirit and individual talent of his participants to best advertise his one-on-one championship.

Following the success of the “BIG3”, T-Mac wanted to extend the principle by setting up a one-on-one league, the “Ones Basketball Association”, with the objective of finding the best player in the country in this exercise. He also drew on his own experience with his two sons to try to offer a format that would appeal to younger players, who tend to shy away from NBA games, which are sometimes considered too long.

“I have two sons myself, and I run an AAU program. My boys don’t watch NBA games, they don’t watch college basketball, and even the guys in my program don’t sit down and watch two and a half, three hours of basketball,” he said. “But what they do like are short formats on YouTube, recaps, things like that, that they gravitate toward. So why not create something short, entertaining, that they gravitate toward? Because they play one-on-one basketball all the time.”

The championship will begin on April 30 and will take place in seven cities including Houston, Atlanta, Chicago, New York and San Francisco. 32 participants will compete in each city in size categories, with the top three earning an invitation to the final tournament in Las Vegas. The winner of the final tournament will be crowned “King of the Court” and will receive $250,000.

Kristaps Porzingis enjoys his revenge

Transferred to Washington at the beginning of February, the Latvian interior answered present this night in the large victory of the Wizards on the Mavericks of Luka Doncic. There was a little electricity in the air at the Capital One Arena for the visit of Dallas, almost two months after the trade involving Davis Bertans, Spencer Dinwiddie and especially Kristaps Porzingis.

The Latvian interior was obviously highly motivated by this game, as well as his team, determined to offer him a revenge against his former franchise, and the result was clear as the Wizards won 135-103.

Author of 24 points, 9 rebounds and 4 assists in 30 minutes, Kristaps Porzingis brought his stone to the building, and could enjoy his victory against his former teammates.

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