Kosher Summer Hotels and Travel – US and Worldwide

People talk a lot about Passover-friendly hotels for the holiday, but many Jewish people want to find Kosher hotels for the summer months. Jewish people want to stay true to their religious beliefs and customs, but they also want to travel and stay in beautiful hotels.

Finding kosher hotels or resorts for the summer will require you to do a little searching, okay it is going to require you to do a lot of searching to locate the places that suit your preferences, locations, and kosher demands.

What is a kosher hotel?

The Jewish religion has certain rules concerning the foods that the observers can eat. The Kashrut is a governing body of Jewish laws that regulate what foods can be eaten and how foods are prepared. For instance, Jewish families do not consume pork or seafood and they do not mix milk and meat in the same dish.

To be certified as a kosher hotel the establishment must read the 168 guidelines that is created by the Israel Chief Rabbinate. The rules and guidelines in this 11-page document will help a hotel keep its kosher-approved standing and make Jewish guests more at ease.

A Mashgiach

A kosher hotel employs a mashgiach to inspect the hotel and make certain they are following the guidelines.

Inspect vegetables thoroughly

The kashrut prohibits the ingestion of insects by Jewish observers. This means that the vegetables they serve must be visually inspected to make certain there are no insects on them. Cabbage is especially difficult because it must be taken apart, leaf by leaf, to make sure that no insects are escaping the watchful eye of the chef.

Legumes must be properly inspected by a special machine, and the humble-bug-prone fig cannot be served at all.

The mashgiach of the kitchen must crack each egg and inspect them for fertilization spots before they can be used to stay in compliance with the rules of halakha.

There letter of permission for the Jewish individual in the kitchen must be obtained from an inspector or a local rabbi before the individual can light the oven or the stove. Jewish laws that a Jewish cook must be present.

Observing the Sabbath

The kosher hotels must observe the Jewish day of rest as closely as possible. That means they are not allowed to accept payment on the sabbath unless it is done discreetly and there is a gentile or non-Jewish employee available to handle the transaction.

Kosher Travel Locations

There are a lot of laws and regulations the kosher hotels must adhere to but that has not stopped kosher hotels and resorts from being established in almost every country in the world. The real key to locating these establishments is to use a Jewish travel agency that can find you hotels that adhere to the Jewish customs you hold most sacred.

You can book accommodations in America, Spain, Europe, Brazil, the Caribbean, Dubai, and the UAE, and almost anywhere else you desire to go. If you want sunshine and beach access you will find delightful options in Miami, Greece, Mexico, Hawaii, California, and more.

If you want to see the Dead Sea or experience the Jewish architecture and structure of Israel then you will find plenty of choice accommodations.’

If you want cultural experiences with museums and historical significance there are hotels where these experiences are within a short travel distance.

You can spend the kind of vacation time you want and still stay in a hotel that respects and honors your Jewish traditions.

Do Kosher Hotels Charge More?

This is one of the most frequently asked questions of Jewish travel agencies. People want to know if the accommodations are higher priced than the average accommodations. We have to tell you that it does cost more to stay in a kosher observant facility than in the run of the mill roadside inn.

To be a kosher hotel, and have the approval to list themselves as kosher, the hotel has to pay a yearly fee. By paying this yearly fee the hotel can get a kashrut seal of approval so Jewish travelers know they can trust that the environment is indeed kosher.

The kosher regulations require extra staff like the mashgiach to be hired so that also increases the cost the establishment has. The mashgiach earns a salary and they are provided free room and board inside the building because they must be present on the grounds of the resort 24 hours a day.

Many hotels have to hire more than one mashgiach to make sure the inspections are properly done and that they are staying within the guidelines they have to follow.

The food that is served is actually fresher and more carefully inspected for imperfections. The preparation of the food requires more pots and pans, and specific employees.

 All of these little things add to the cost the establishment has in staying kosher so the cost they charge their guests is higher than the cost of the average gentile establishment.

Final Thought

It is a wonderful thing that hotels and resorts take the time to embrace the kosher aspects of Jewish travel. The efforts they make allow the Jewish people to enjoy the world that God created and maintain their strict religious practices.

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