Key aspects technology has offered us

Defined as the application of scientific knowledge on both industry and our everyday lives, technology has advanced our lives in many ways. It has many positive influences on our actions and ideas but can also have some negative consequences at times.

Technological processes encompass every aspect of our lives, it includes everything from mineral processing and energy conversion to information processing and broadcasting. While we might associate technology with modern intentions, such as Artificial Intelligence (or AI), the term has in fact existed for centuries.

Here are just some of the ways in which technology has influenced us and the world that we live in:

Improved communication

Back in 1876, the intention of the telephone was revolutionary, when Alexander Graham Bell made that first call all those years ago, little did he know how much telephones would become integrated into our lives. His vision was for every town to have a singular telephone, however technological advancement and societal changes has led to every person having a phone in their pocket ready to communicate at a moment’s notice.

We are no longer limited to audio communications now, telephones have developed into smartphones with video calling capabilities. Social media applications also allow us to keep in touch with friends, family and even the brands with love too – no matter their physical location.

However, one downside to all of these is the lack of privacy that we now have. Online sites constantly collect data about us and this can sometimes make us vulnerable.

For instance, messages and emails can be intercepted and private information such as bank details can be found and used by online hackers. As technology continues to develop, the amount of data we leave with our digital footprint seems to increase and so the risks are increased.

Nevertheless, there are still many great ways that entertainment has enhanced our lives, from providing us with new forms of entertainment to tackling climate change and treating diseases.

Diverse online entertainment options

Many people around the world are now seeking more entertainment options that they can enjoy from their own home. While they still want to be sociable, they also want the convenience of enjoying what free time they have from home.

For instance, we have become reliant on streaming services such as Netflix, Amazon Prime and Disney Plus in recent years and Smart TVs have enabled this to happen. We expect to be able to binge the whole series at once and not wait for a scheduled broadcast.

For those seeking casino gaming as entertainment, technology has been a driving force in the shift from in-person gaming at bricks and mortar casino venues to playing on the internet.

You can now find all your favourite classic casino games, such as poker, roulette and slots, easily online. Here, this article focuses on bonuses like welcome deposit bonuses and free slots that aim to entice new players to sign up to online casinos.Players can now enjoy games from their smartphones and tablets and can even participate in live games that are streamed from a physical location. Live casino games (e.g. live poker) have a real-life dealer that you can see and interact with.

The blockchain and cryptocurrency has also entertained the gaming sector, casino gamers can now make transactions in bitcoin or other digital currency on a small selection of sites. Also, new games using blockchain technology have begun to emerge, including those on the platform Chimaera.

Virtual Reality (VR) is also a tech making headway in the entertainment space, those with VR headsets can now visit VR theme parks. These provide a variety of gaming options, including laser tag, rock climbing and racing.

Green tech is helping to battle climate change

With the climate emergency, scientists are quickly researching and developing technologies that will help to reduce the amount of damage we inflict on the environment. Tech start-ups within energy, like Bloom, are using renewable energy, while other companies are even looking into carbon capture technology.

Food system innovations are also changing our options for food development. Companies are using tech to create meat and dairy alternatives that lower our impact on the planet.

Biotech is improving our knowledge of diseases and treatment options

There is a range of technology being developed both from healthcare delivery and for the research of illnesses and diseases. Symptom checker apps now allow patients to learn more about medical issues they may be suffering with and even chatbots are being used to help organise and clear backlogs of patient consultations.

Likewise, biotech firms are using advanced tech to personalise treatment options for life threatening diseases and improving patients’ quality of life.

Overall, technology has changed and improved our lives in many ways, particularly over the last couple of decades. While there are some concerns with data sharing and privacy, on the whole technology is enhancing the way we will and improving our choices for entertainment, energy consumption and healthcare.

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