IT Staff Augmentation vs Offshore Development

The notion of internationally dispersed teams is an increasing trend in today’s corporate environment. While this isn’t a new or contemporary technique, it’s become more common in the wake of the coronavirus epidemic. Because organizations all over the globe are driven to function remotely, working with a global workforce is no longer the bogeyman it once was.

Today’s acceptance may be seen in a number of work arrangements, such as outsourcing, staff augmentation, and offshore. We compare and contrast two popular software development approaches in this article: IT staff augmentation and offshore development.

A cost-effective outsourcing approach, IT staff augmentation

Staff augmentation is a business concept in which a company evaluates its present personnel and estimates the extra skills required to finish a project. They may then recruit temporary external workers with particular knowledge to enhance their current capabilities. As a result, they are able to finish projects on time and under budget.

When should you employ IT staffing services?

To enhance capacity in order to satisfy an unexpected demand

As a consequence of a series of break-ins, there has been an unanticipated increase in demand for your goods and services in your city. In this circumstance, hiring a team for a few weeks is the best option. This is where IT staff augmentation might come in handy.

To get access to abilities for a one-time project

You may have a terrific local development team on your hands, capable of delivering software on schedule. However, your organization may sometimes take on a project that requires specific knowledge that your present staff does not possess. In these cases, IT staff augmentation enables you to supplement your current team with qualified developers to assist complete the project.

To keep up with the competition

In certain cases, businesses might leverage IT staff augmentation to stay ahead of the curve. For example, if your company has to bring a new product to market faster than a rival or introduce a new feature on your website as soon as possible, you may utilize the staff augmentation model to hire contract employees who can deliver quickly.

The advantages and disadvantages of IT staff augmentation

The benefits of staff augmentation


Businesses may hire employees on a contract basis and pay them just for the work they do.


IT staff augmentation allows businesses to get on-demand, specialized personnel without having to invest in infrastructure or training.

Possibility of concentrating on the core business

Because they partner with an external supplier, businesses may concentrate on their core capabilities rather than worrying about organizational and administrative responsibilities.

The drawbacks of staff augmentation

Costs that aren’t visible

Because it’s invoiced on a time-and-materials basis, you might be charged for services you didn’t utilize.

Unpredictable quality

Employees that work on a short-term contract or freelance basis are likely to have a high turnover rate.

Long-term viability is not possible

This technique is not a long-term solution since the personnel you recruit may need to embark on other projects or depart the vendor firm in the middle of the project.

Despite all these disadvantages of this type of cooperation, there is a very reliable company that provides IT staff augmentation services that have no disadvantages.

A specialized staff, offshore software development

Due to fierce competition and a severe lack of engineers, finding great in-house IT expertise may be tough. Offshore software development is the answer to this dilemma.

Offshore development’s advantages


You won’t have to rely on external suppliers to satisfy internal capacity if you move offshore. Your local team’s extension

Pool of talent

Instead, you may tap into the large talent pools in ASEA’s burgeoning tech hubs to assemble a dedicated team of capable engineers in a different nation.

Workforce that is dedicated

The team is yours in every way; they’re full-time, permanent employees that operate as a value-added extension of your local team.


Both IT staff augmentation and offshore development have advantages and disadvantages.

For short-term initiatives lasting less than a few months, staff augmentation is typically the best option. If you want to enhance your operations by forming a team hand-picked from a huge pool of expertise while keeping total control over the process, offshore development is the way to go.

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