iSandBox models and differences

Everyone, especially in childhood, loved to play in the sandbox. We enthusiastically dug holes, built hills and castles surrounded by moats. Gradually, all our buildings turned into a sandy city, and we thought about filling the reservoirs of this city with water and placing some ships there. Or we thought about how to build artillery and defeat enemy troops with tanks and machine guns. Children’s dreams are often similar. That is why we are pleased to introduce you a revolutionary product – iSandBOX. This is an interactive sandbox that turns childhood dreams into reality.

Features of augmented reality sandbox

In an ordinary sandbox, creator installed a computer, a projector, a depth sensor, developed software and got an exciting product that no one can pass by. The iSandBOX has found wide application in various areas of development of children of all ages – from general and additional education to psycho-correction and work with disabilities.

Application of iSandBOX

  • stabilizes the emotional state;
  • develops fine motor skills;
  • teaches to manage emotions and pronounce feelings;
  • develops speech, memory, attention, imagination, ingenuity, thinking, and communication skills;
  • improves sensory and visual perception;
  • develops coordination of movements;
  • provides a comfortable rehabilitation process.

It is an exciting thing not only for children but for adults as well.

iSandBox models


iSandBOX Standard is the largest and most spectacular version of the interactive sandbox. At the same time, up to 10 people can work with such a sandbox, which is very useful for social education, the development of communication skills and the ability to work in a team.


iSandBOX Mini is a scaled-down version of the iSandBOX Standard. All the features of the standard model are packed into a smaller size. iSandBOX Mini allows you to conduct interactive classes with a group of up to 5 children. Teachers and psychologists will be able to work individually with every person.


The Lite version is an excellent solution for small spaces where every square meter is valued. Having opted for the iSandBOX Lite, you will be able to choose or make your own sand tank of the desired shapes and sizes.

iSandBOX Lite is a metal box that contains the necessary equipment: a projector, a depth sensor and a computer. Due to the lack of a sand tank, an information monitor and additional units like in the iSandBOX of the standard version, the Lite version turned out to be much cheaper (and this is another advantage of this model). The Lite version is mounted on the ceiling or wall, and, depending on the height at which the sandbox is fixed, the area of the projected image also changes.


iSandBOX Adjustable is a version, which is designed specifically for rehabilitation work with children and adults with disabilities. It can be installed in hospitals, rehabilitation centers and nursing homes.

Its distinguishing feature is that it is adapted for children and adults with disorders of the musculoskeletal system, cerebral palsy and disorders of psychoemotional development. The height of the playing field is adjusted using the control panel on the projector stand. The sandbox is equipped with a two-level protection system for height adjustment and soft sides for additional comfort and protection against injuries.

Where can you buy an iSandBOX?

Looking for a sandbox with augmented reality? You can buy it on our website. We pay great attention to the safety and convenience of products you’re operating. The support service always helps to resolve issues through remote access, instant messengers and by phone. Cooperating with us, you can be sure of the quality and safety of the products you’re operating. Our contacts in the United Kingdom: tel. +44 (0)2036 214 714, email [email protected]

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