How To Write Better Essays: Eliminate These 10 Mistakes Right Now

The internet is filled with tons of guides and how-to articles that tell you about tips and tricks to write the best essays. While they are useful in some ways or others, they fail to shed light on something which is far more elementary and should be considered as a great beginning point- avoiding or eliminating mistakes, to begin with!

Getting good at essay writing is not something you are going to get immediately great at. It requires a lot of practice. In other words, being great at essays is all about building the right set of research and writing habits. It also means that you consciously steer clear of mistakes that can compromise the quality of your essay.

In this resource article, we speak to essay writing experts at Fresh Essays. We ask them to highlight the ten common and major mistakes that are preventing you from writing better essays. If you are a school student looking to send in your college application, or a senior in their final year of college, this article will help you improve the quality of your essays.

List Of 10 Essay Writing Mistakes You Need To Avoid Making Right Now

  • Mistake 1: Not paying attention to the thesis or essay statement/argument-

If you are a student that has ever been asked to write an essay, you might recall being presented with a thesis or essay statement. It contains the standard topic and the supposed arguments that the teacher asks you to write. This is the starting point of your essay and you need to make sure that you are including it in your introduction section. This is what the essay will be about.

  • Mistake 2: Avoid writing introductory points in the conclusion section of the essay-

Another mistake that students end up commonly making is outlining the points they have discussed in the opening introductory section in the conclusion. You should not be doing this. The conclusion section should be dedicated to your final punch. It is important to raise strong questions, explore additional arguments, or end with a powerful quote in the conclusion.

  • Mistake 3: Trying to fit in too much information, details, and facts in the essay-

Students that invest a lot of time, effort, and energy in the research and referencing stages often end up with more information than is necessary. They do not want their effort to go to waste and end up trying to fit everything into a thousand-word essay. This should be avoided. You should stick to only straight and to-the-point information. Too many facts dilute the essay.

  • Mistake 4: Falling prey to complex sentence construction and heavy vocabulary-

It is true that the essay is a platform that can help you showcase your English and creative writing skills. But it is equally important to remember that examiners are looking for clarity of thought, lucid argument making, and a coherent structure. In the midst of chasing greatness, you should not go for complex sentence constructions or words that do not carry the context.

  • Mistake 5: Getting confused about the formatting and style options in the essay-

Ask any teacher and they will recount seeing thousands of essays where the students began with APA and ended with Chicago style of formatting. This is a common mistake. Make sure that you are confident about the formatting and style options. If the same has not been stated explicitly by the teacher, then you should try to stick to safe options like Chicago.

  • Mistake 6: Having too many typographical errors in your essay body-

The one thing that really puts off examiners is finding an essay where there are tons of typo errors. While we are using the computer to type in our essays, it is equally important to have word and spell checks in place. The writing document comes with its own software that can help you eliminate these mistakes. However, nothing is better than proofreading the essay.

  • Mistake 7: Copying or plagiarizing content from various sources for the essay-

If there is one cardinal sin that can never be overlooked by teachers, it is plagiarism. Please understand that almost all sources are available online. A simple software like Turnitin can figure out whether you copied content from a reference or not. This will cost you your credibility and paint you in a specific bad light in front of your teachers and institution.

  • Mistake 8: Putting in and defending too many arguments in one single essay-

Students feel that they should cover every possible argument that has been raised by various experts regarding a single topic. That is not the case. You need to lead with the biggest argument and then offer contrasting views and opinions on the same. This ensures that the essay is coherent and follows a defined structure. Too many arguments dilute the focus.

  • Mistake 9: Not investing enough time and effort in the title of the essay-

Your essay’s title cannot afford to be generic in nature. On the contrary, it needs to be strong, hard-hitting, and capable of immediately arresting the attention of the readers; in this case your examiner. Make sure that you might have something that is part controversial, part contextual, and part current affairs. This helps you start the essay on a sure footing and win grades.

  • Mistake 10: Rushing and not giving time to researching and writing the essay-

You might think that you have time till the end of the semester to turn in your essay. So, you end up leaving it to the last minute. When the time finally comes, you try to do ten days of work in one day. This compromises the quality of the essay and you end up getting poor marks. Make sure that you are allocating enough time to turn in an essay that deserves high grades.

The Bottom Line

Writing an essay is one of the hallmarks of student life. You will end up writing one right from your school to your university. If you are investing your time, effort, and discipline in the right fashion, you will end up consistently scoring high marks in your essays throughout your educational career. Eliminating the mistakes helps in setting the right foundation for essay writing.

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