How To Transport Marijuana Across States?

The state of marijuana is still not ideal in the US. While it remains legally illegal, it has been deemed legal in a number of states as far as its medical usage goes. In a dispensary near me, it is even legal to consume for recreational purposes. With this in mind, you may be asking if transporting weed across state lines is legally possible or not. This is one of those questions that do not have an obvious yes or no answer, so let’s take a look at the matter.

Cannabis Transportation Across States

Why is there such confusion about this topic if the plant is allowed for consumption in multiple states? Why is transporting marijuana across states not as easy as just taking it along on a trip? Well, the primary reason for that would be the fact that it is an illegal plant on a federal level. And a lot of traveling takes place via places that are owned federally.

As of January 2022, 18 U.S. states have legalized recreational marijuana with medical cannabis legal in even more states. So, let’s say that you buy weed in one place where it is legal both medically and recreationally and you plan to drive to another place with the same legality regarding weed. Why can’t you do it as simply as it sounds?

Well, the reason is that the borders between those two areas will fall under federal jurisdiction. This also applies to the roads and interstate highways that you will be driving across. This isn’t true only for road travel because the same applies to traveling by air as well. And that is precisely why it is crucial to do the right kind of research before you think about transporting weed across state lines.

Variation in the Laws

Another issue that comes up is with the different states’ own laws. These can differ a lot from one to another. Each one has its own rules and regulations when it comes to purchasing, using, storing, and transporting marijuana and its products. So, you might be storing a certain quantity of marijuana that is legal in your hometown but take it to another area that has a lower maximum quantity that you can have at a time. The result? Possible legal problems.

That is one of the reasons to avoid such situations in the first place. It is a blessing for many people that cannabis has been made legal in individual places so it’s best to enjoy it rather than let it become something unnecessary and highly problematic.

Possible Consequences

The worst-case scenario when transporting medical marijuana or recreational products from one place to another is that you may be stopped on your journey on a federal territory and your weed will be located. This will essentially mean that you have committed a federal crime since cannabis is federally considered a Schedule 1 drug in the country. So, unless marijuana becomes federally legal, it is best to avoid traveling with it outside of your state.

As for the consequences you might face, you may be looking at up to 5 years in prison as well as a hefty fine starting from $250,000 and going up to $1,000,000 on your first offense. All these numbers are doubled for second offenses. The quantities of marijuana that can land you in this kind of trouble are as follows:

  • Cannabis Oil – 1 kg
  • Cannabis plant/s – as little as just one
  • Buds – anything under 50 kg

The more cannabis that is found with you, the bigger your troubles will get. If you simply have to transport a small amount of cannabis, it is easier to take it on a flight rather than in a car. Storing a joint or two in your carry-on luggage is the safest option.

Also, transporting edibles across state lines is much easier than actual flowers. There is a very slim chance that anyone will test an edible to see if it contains marijuana, even if it is in your car. Once again, always do your research before deciding to do anything related to marijuana because the laws change very quickly.


The gist of this whole situation is quite clear: transporting marijuana across states is illegal at this time. Even though more and more states are opening up to cannabis as a plant, both medically and recreationally, federal law still deems it a high-risk drug that should not be used or stored. Your state might let you travel within different cities with a certain amount of marijuana but as soon as you exit one state towards another, you are under federal jurisdiction.

And if you are caught in any way with marijuana in your vehicle or on your person while in areas that are controlled under federal law, you would be breaking federal law and therefore be committing a felony. So, always be safe, stay educated on the changing laws, and consume cannabis responsibly.

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