How to Start a Conversation with theGay Guy You Like

So, regardless if you’re an LGBT teenager seeking their first love or an experienced gay man who just got out of a long-term relationship, starting a conversation with a handsome guy is a point to which you’ll arrive eventually. But what to do if pressure takes better of you or when you are a scaredy-cat who prefers to be approached instead of making your own moves?

We’re about to fix that with a few helpful tips. Get your notes ready; here’s how to find a gay partner for a single night of pleasure or life-long commitment!

Go Online to Reduce Pressure

The most basic advice you might receive is to say no to face-to-face meetings if you’re scared of them. Talking to a gay guy behind the screen? Much easier. No matter if you choose swipe-based dating sites or the one that requires a long-form essay about yourself before making a profile eligible, it is a fantastic starting point of your journey towards love because having an online connection before meeting reduces pressure by a mile. Here’s what to do to become successful online:

  • Get several icebreakers ready beforehand

Icebreakers aren’t pickup lines; they are directed towards making another person on an online dating site feel comfortable in a conversation, not aroused from the starting point. The search for a discreet gay hookup gets too complicated when a gay man, however great he is, just barges in and announces his interest. Try being tactful, say hi, ask them about themselves or share any details about you, come up as the easy-to-approach person, and the conversation will flow naturally from there.

  • Use details from the dating profiles

In contrast with approaching a guy offline, you have a cheat sheet – his dating profile. The best thing about dating sites is using the potential partner’s tastes, quirks, likes, and dislikes he lists on his member page in a conversation. Don’t be afraid to talk about the band you mutually like or a movie from their list of favorite things. But the best things that unite people are hobbies, so if you knit and find a person who does so too, great, it’ll be extremely easy to connect; just discuss your favorite techniques and then go on for the more pressing matters – arranging a date.

  • Follow the natural flow of the dialogue

The most important advice, though, is don’t overdo it. Connecting with the person gets much easier once it flows naturally, instead of following some milestones one has set for himself. See, using an icebreaker for the first message is setting the course, but gliding under the sail of your love requires a nice current; changing directions is something that can get really complex. If you see that you and your partner don’t click when discussing something that is of interest to you, then find another partner or even a gay dating site to explore.

Get Ready to Act Offline

While many people have stage fright, others are sadly subjected to a date fright – regardless of how well online communication went, they can’t say a word after meeting their gay partner offline. Here’s what you have to do if you’re one of the people we just described:

  • Master small talk with a trusted person

Everyone has friends. Make use of them! Ask your buddy to pretend to be a person you meet for the first time and rehearse your date. Talk about the weather, the drinks, the late-night show you both caught up in the evening, maybe make some advances (but only to test your skills), go on a promenade – a few rounds of such exercises can prepare any gay man for his first date.

  • Practice in front of the mirror

Too shy to go on a pretend date with your friend or looking for additional ammunition? No worries, you can always practice with the one you know the best – your own reflection. Ask questions in front of the mirror and make up the answers; see how your facial muscles work and try to work them out to reek confidence and/or lovability.

  • Mirror partner’s body language

Most people do so unconsciously to fit in – but we’re talking about extra-conscious people here, so should you see your gay date repeating some kinds of gestures during your time together, repeat them. A lot of people touch their chin when thinking aboutsomething complex; others – touch hair when aroused. Read the signs, mimic them and create a tender bond that is going to unite you both stronger than any words could.

Using these tips isn’t a guarantee to find a fantastic gay guy to make life lovely, yet they clearly show that the only person who stands between you and a happy relationship is yourself. Break the mold and find out just how charming you can be by going out there and making a move!

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