How to solve the issues of laptop hanging while playing poker online.

A laptop freezing in the middle of an important game is always annoying and unbearable. You cannot afford your laptop to hang while playing online poker due to significant money being at stake.

Losing cash in a game is already a nightmare for gamblers. So, to miss out on your chance to play the right move at the right time because of the notebook hanging, it might make that nightmare come true for you.

Therefore, it impedes knowing how you can solve the issues of laptop hanging while playing poker online.

This article will discuss 5 ways to fix your laptop hanging while playing poker games like PlayAmo.

5 ways to fix laptop freezing while playing poker online:

1- Do not run extra programs:

When you know you’re going to play poker online, ensure that no extra programs and applications are running. Too many applications or even just one with a heavy load on the laptop can slow it down. If you click on Ctrl + Alt + Delete, Windows Task Manager will open.

You can find out which software puts a heavy load on the CPU and RAM. When you see the software consuming most of the laptop’s resources, shut down that program by clicking on the “End Task” option.

Closing a program, you do not need would allow your system to run efficiently. It will speed up your browsing operations. Also, the screen won’t freeze anymore.

2- Get a Cooling pad to deal with overheating issues:

Your laptop screen gets stuck most of the time, and nothing functions smoothly due to overheating issues. Overheating occurs predominantly during online gaming because, due to the game’s load, the system gets hotter than usual. In the case of overheating, the processor minimizes the clock speed. The clock speed is essential to run all functions efficiently, but the laptop slows down due to overheating.

The laptop consists of cooling fans inside, which work harder if the temperature rises. However, you must ensure that the air ventilation occurs appropriately. If you don’t use a flat and hard surface, the vents can get clogged, damaging the laptop more than just freezing the screen.

Using a cooling pad is the best option if your laptop keeps getting hotter. It will absorb the hot air exiting the laptop vents and cool it down. If the cooling pad doesn’t control the laptop’s temperature, then visit the trusted repairing services shop. Because the overheating might be happening due to the “Thermal compound” wearing off.

3- Upgrade windows and keep them updated:

Using an outdated Windows version might cause the laptop screen to be stuck while playing poker online. So, you must upgrade your windows to the latest version like Windows 7, Windows 8, or Windows 10.

You must also use a legal version of the windows to let it install updates. This will keep your operating system up-to-date, allowing the programs to run smoothly and speedily.

4- Malware alert:

Look out for the malware alerts. Sometimes when your laptop gets infected with malware, the laptop starts crashing. The windows will hang often, and you won’t have any other option but to restart the system. You can download a trusted anti-virus system to catch and remove the malware, protecting the laptop further against viruses. This step will enhance the laptop’s efficiency, and you won’t lose money in poker games due to unexpected screen freezes.

5- The hard-drive has issues:

The hard drive is essential to make your laptop work perfectly. If the hard-drive malfunctions, your screen will hang, eventually crashing the windows. When the hard drive has issues, you can hear weird sounds coming from the laptop.

You can check the hard drive by clicking on the windows button and searching for the “File Explorer.” Then you can right-click on the drive and choose properties. In Windows, you can select the “Performance Information and Tools” or only the “Tools” option and check out the hard-drive performance.

Lastly, if you find any problems, get it replaced by an authorized shop that sells authentic parts. Changing the hard drive will fix the slowdowns and screen hanging issue. So, you can play poker online without worrying about your laptop freezing during a significant moment.


Laptop hanging is a severe problem for gamers. If you played online poker and faced a laptop freeze, you must have lost quite a lot of money. And that’s why you’re here. You must also keep your RAM in check and ensure that heavy programs do not slow down the computing system. Also, protect it from overheating and get a new hard drive if it’s the cause of the laptop hanging.

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