How To Place A Prong Collar On A Dog – The Definitive Guide

Prong Collars are far more different than regular choke collars for dogs.  They’re meant to be used as a training tool to correct your canine friend’s behavior. But, do you know how should you place a prong collar on a dog?

Well, many newbie pup owners and even new trainers misunderstand how to deal with the Prong Collar on a dog. So, you’re not alone frustrating yourself about it. 

You should place a Prong Collar snugly fit to the dog’s neck right behind the ears and right under the jawline. But, is that it to know? 

No. You must know many more things about Prong Collars and how to train your best fur buddy with it. So, stick around to the end to get the best details.

How To Place A Prong Collar On A dog?

When your dog is on the Prong Collar, he shouldn’t get hurt through it. And it should be easy to handle him in the collar. So, you must put it right on his neck. Otherwise you may end up hurting him or yourself as well.

Prong Collars are a series of chains. The correct way to put it on your dog’s neck is, unhooking the collar and wrapping it around the dog’s neck. Then, adjust it to fit the collar set right behind the dog’s ears and under the jawline. 

Some people who are new to dog training or new owners, put the collar over the dog’s head. It is absolutely wrong. And if the Prong Collar can go over the dog’s head, it’s a big collar that is unsuitable for training.

Because, a big collar can slip off from the neck and can detach from the dog in training sessions.  It can lead you and your dog to dangerous situations. Besides, the whole purpose of training would fail then.

Things To Be Careful About While Training Your Dog With A Prong Collar

Now, let’s discuss the do’s and don’ts while training your dog with a Prong Collar.

  • Make Sure You Get The Right Size And Material Of Prong Collar

Getting the perfect size and material of Prong Collar is a very important part choosing the best one for your pup. Generally stainless steel is the material choice for the ideal Prong Collar.

They come in different sizes, small, medium, large and extra large. You must know your dog’s neck area size and its weight to get the right one for him. Moreover, you must check on the Prong’s edges; they must have a nice smooth finish.

  • Don’t Slip The Collar Over The Dog’s Head

Slipping the collar over the dog’s head is the wrong way to wear a Prong Collar. Plus, if you’re able to do so, it means you’ve got the wrong size collar for your fur buddy. 

Get the right size; that must be a smaller size and unsnap the collar. Wrap it around the dog’s neck and snap it to lock. You can also exclude prongs if the collar still doesn’t fit snugly. 

  • Always Keep Your Dog Under Supervision While In Prong Collar

Prong Collars are very sensitive dog training tools. You should never leave your dog unattended while he is wearing one. It can lead him to any accidents any time. Always keep your dog under supervision while being on a Prong Collar.

  • Don’t Use A Prong Collar Like A Regular Choke Collar

Use the Prong Collar only during training sessions. If you’re not training your dog at the moment, take it off his neck. Remember, Prong Collars are not meant to be used as a regular choke collar and stay there forever.

  • Attach The Prong Collar Leash With The Dog’s Choke Collar To Stay Connected

When you’re attaching the leash to the prong collar, use a connector or something similar to connect the leash to the dog’s main choke collar as well. So that, in any circumstances, even the Prong Collar falls off, you still remain connected with the dog. 


  • How do I put a prong collar on my dog?

The best way to put a Prong Collar on a dog is to unhook the collar, wrap it around the dog’s neck and hook it again.

  • How should you place a prong collar on a dog’s neck?

You should place a Prong Collar on a Dog’s neck perfectly right behind the ears of the dog and right under the jawline. It’ll distribute the pressure evenly around his neck and prevent tracheal damage.


If you’re still here, I hope that this piece of writing helped you to understand how to place a Prong Collar on a Dog. If you’re not sure you can train your pup on a Prong Collar on your own, get a professional trainer.

And if you’re doing it by yourself, be careful and get the best out of the training. 

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