How to Make Travel Videos for YouTube (& Grow Your Channel)

Everyone loves to travel but not all of us get to travel at frequent intervals. We often see YouTube videos of our destination before planning our trip. YouTube travel channels have gained popularity in recent times. People prefer to know the experiences of someone who has been to a location before them.

Travel videos gain more views on YouTube and people take a virtual tour of different destinations around the globe. However, not all travel channels become successful on YouTube. It happens because some travelers fail to make exciting videos on YouTube. Continue reading to know how to make travel videos and grow your YouTube channel.

Be informative

What is the main purpose of your travel videos on YouTube? Why do people search for travel videos on YouTube? Well, people search for travel videos on YouTube to collect information about any destination. If your travel videos are informative, you will collect more views on YouTube. Your travel videos can act as a complete guide for anyone looking to tour any destination. Some points that you can cover in your travel videos are as follows:

• Show viewers about the local delicacies in any destination. Travelers love to taste the local flavor when traveling to a new city.

• You can tell the state of public transportation in any destination in your travel videos. You can give your views on the best public transport medium in any particular city.

• What are the tourist spots to visit in any destination? You need to include the popular tourist destinations in your travel videos. Make sure you visit the top tourist attractions of any city and share video clips with your YouTube subscribers.

• For any destination, you need to include accommodation facilities in your videos. Tell viewers about the best and affordable accommodation facilities in a city via your travel videos.

• Your travel videos should discuss the best time to visit any destination in your travel videos. Inform the viewers about what they should pack in their bag for visiting any city.

• Travel amidst the recent COVID pandemic is complicated. There are many COVID-related rules for travelers that are to be followed. You can include COVID information in your travel videos to be more informative.

Use a video editor for making travel videos

For making exciting travel videos for YouTube, you need a dedicated video editing tool. It is important to make professional travel videos if you want to grow your channel. For making professional travel videos, you need to polish your videos with editing effects. An online video editor can help in adding advanced editing effects to your travel videos. You can concatenate different clips to make an exciting video with an online video editor. You can bring all the raw travel clips together and give them a professional touch with a video editor.

The time taken to make travel videos is also decreased after using a video editor. You can add music, transitions, subtitles, overlays, and much more to your YouTube travel videos with an online editor. Even if you aren’t a video expert, you can make an exciting travel video with a video editor. Many YouTubers use premade templates to make travel videos within minutes. A premade template comes with customized editing effects that are applied to your travel video. If you don’t want to spend much, you can use a free video editor for making YouTube travel videos.

Tell a story in your travel videos

If your travel videos can connect with viewers on YouTube, your channel will grow. Talk about how you met a local that helped you on your trip. You can add some video clips of interaction with the local people. For example, you can show how welcoming the locals were in a hilly area to attract the viewers. Travel stories are loved by YouTube viewers and they can feel like they are traveling with you.

Don’t make your travel videos text-heavy

If viewers want to read a travel blog, they wouldn’t have searched for your video on YouTube. You need to show the raw footage of any new destination in your travel videos. There is no need to include lengthy paragraphs in your travel videos. Even if you are trying to give some information about a destination, try to give it vocally. You can add bite-sized text or infographics to state some facts. For example, you can show a ‘to-do list’ for any destination with an infographic.

Explore different types of travel videos

There are different types of travel videos that you can post on your YouTube channel. You can collect information about your target audience to know what type of travel videos they like. For example, you can ask suggestions from YouTube users about what type of travel videos they like. You can pick their answers from the comments section and apply them to your next video. By making travel videos according to the preferences of your target audience, you will collect more subscribers. Some themes of travel videos that you can try for your YouTube channel are:

• Travel vlogs: You can live-recorded travel videos with the YouTube Live feature. You can also record a natural video of your trip via a webcam and share it later. Travel vlogs usually do not require editing efforts and focus more on reality.

• Travel guide: You can make an explainer video about how to get the itinerary right for any trip. You can also show the top things to do or the best places to visit in any city. With a video editor, you can create effective travel guide videos for YouTube.

• Niche videos: You can focus only on one aspect of travel in niche videos. For example, you can go on gastronomic trips and focus on food in different destinations.

In a nutshell  To grow your travel channel on YouTube, you have to post consistently. Make exciting travel videos with an online editor and share them at frequent intervals. Start making eye-catching YouTube travel videos in 2022!  

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