How to Increase Website Conversion: Top 8 Ways Entrepreneurs Must Know

According to statistics, every new visitor who subsequently makes his first purchase, spends 3.5 sessions on the site and 25 days to make a decision. The chances of a conversion of the first-time user on the site are low. But marketers are always faced with the task of optimizing conversions and increasing the return on marketing investments.

At a time when customers are becoming more demanding and can calculate the effectiveness of investments, and consumers are becoming more and more selective, work on increasing conversions requires the marketer to thoroughly monitor market trends and research all available tools.

These tools include a variety of third-party services that help increase leads and calls by capturing the user’s attention and needs while enhancing the user experience.

Here are the most effective ways to increase website conversions using third-party tools.

Interactive Notifications

Interactive notifications help you find out your audience’s preferences for both a PlayAmo app and an old-fashioned grocery store. It works as follows. When a user visits your site, they see a pop-up window inviting them to sign up for site notifications. By agreeing to push notifications, the potential customer will subsequently receive brief messages popping up on the screen of the subscribed device.

It’s effective to send a notification with an offer to buy a product and the right response options to determine users’ interests. Once you receive feedback from your customers, in the future you will be able to compose more customized mailings and plan interesting promotions for your audience.

The benefits of interactive notifications also include the following:

  • The subscription form shows in a pop-up window and doesn’t take up space on the site.
  • Easy to combine with other services that increase monetization.
  • It is possible to set any number of notifications for a subscribed user.
  • Flexible appearance customization, it’s easy to choose a design that will fit seamlessly into your website.
  • Reporting on conversions, traffic ROI, etc.

Such notifications can generate direct income if used to advertise your partners, if you have a large number of subscribers.

There are also browser push notifications – messages that are sent to subscribers from websites via a browser and can be displayed on both desktop and mobile devices.

Push notifications are easy to set up, but it’s important to make them unobtrusive. By making valuable and relevant offers, you can bring back a customer who has been to your site at any time.


Chatbots allow automating routine processes of answering the same questions, choosing goods or services, etc. Such services carry out their work by means of simple flowcharts that allow setting a large number of combinations of behavior to the bot. At the same time, the settings allow you to generate responses not only in text, but also to use illustrations, audio and video files to interact with the customer. If the bot fails to select a relevant answer to the request, the client is automatically transferred to the manager, who answers the questions in a convenient personal account on the site or from the mobile app.

An extra advantage of this service is the collection of statistics and information on working with clients, which takes place during the communication process. Subsequently, this information allows the bot’s behavior to be adjusted to make it more effective. Live invitations and personalization increase the number of appeals several times over impersonal and primitively formalized online consultants.

Content Substitution

What is the advantage of a good salesperson over an average one? One of the main abilities of a good salesperson is the ability to find an individual approach to the client and find out why he needs exactly this product or service. And then, based on this information, to make the most advantageous offer in the eyes of the consumer.

On the Internet, the role of sales consultant a website acts. But how can a site satisfy the interest of all its visitors, because their tasks and needs can vary greatly?  In order for the site to become a good salesperson, it needs to be able to adapt to the request of a particular user.

Large online stores use for this a large amount of data, including, for example, information on previous purchases, history of visits in order to offer the user suitable products for him. Curiously enough, according to Amazon, about 35% of all its sales are products that ended up in personal recommendations.

Of course, the technologies used by such big players are not suitable for small and medium-sized businesses. And not only because they are expensive, but also simply because of the lack of “big data” and the rich assortment of small companies.

Universal fundamental approach in solving the problem of adapting the site to the interests of the user is a marketing study of the resource. When the site is initially created on the basis of research on its target audience and is built with an understanding of its needs and pains.

So, by accurately responding to the user query and the selection of content it can significantly increase site conversion and get more hits, without increasing the advertising budget.


Quizzes have recently become very popular in marketing as an auxiliary tool to gather information about their target audience, while being able to make sales.  A form of interaction between a person and a resource, a small online survey or a quiz, in the form of a game. They can be embedded into websites as a separate block, as a pop-up window, or used as an independent resource.

There are three types of quizzes:

  • Educational.
  • Entertainment.
  • Selling.

In terms of marketing, the first two can be combined into one type, because their task is the effect of involving the visitor on the site and increasing his loyalty. Marketing quiz involves the user for his further conversion into a customer. The advantage of such a tool is that the potential customer does not read the text on the pages of the resource, looking for the information he is interested in, but interacts directly by answering auxiliary questions. As a result, the service generates a response in the form of a finished offer – its product, which best suits the user.

Thus, it makes it easy for a potential customer to navigate in terms of choosing a product or service, and is used in business in order to:

  • Get more orders.
  • Reduce the cost of an order.
  • To fuel the customer’s interest in the product or service.

A characteristic feature of marketing quizzes from other tools is the effectiveness of working with a lukewarm, undecided audience. This effect is achieved due to the fact that the user quickly and in a game form which increases his loyalty, finds a product that suits him, without having to independently search and compare positions in the catalog.

Herd Instinct

A kind of interactive notification manifests itself in the fact that the service simulates a queue of customers on the site, thereby motivating them to make a purchase. The use of such a tool is obviously not very fair to its customers, because it misleads them. However, installing such a service is also capable of increasing conversion rates on the site, instantly attracting new customers through impulse response.

Widget setup is set by the site owner and involves writing headlines and notification texts, in addition, the widget provides lists of cities and lists of names to be substituted in your texts. You can also randomly insert the amounts of orders.

After installing the code, pop-up boxes will pop up on your site and every visitor will see notifications signaling the flow of customers on your site.

Pop-up Windows

Pop-up windows appear on the site to attract the visitor’s attention and push him to perform a targeted action, such as a purchase, subscription, call, etc. Using this widget requires fine-tuning because the pop-up window can sometimes cause a higher bounce rate.

There are two variants of pop-up execution:

  • Hello-board. It’s a pop-up window that partially limits the functionality of the page, but you can still interact with it.
  • Page-stop. The form blocks the entire page until the user clicks the action button or closes it.

Commercial sites use the latter option, because the user is forced to pay attention to it. It’s only important to properly set up the script of the pop-up window and, having interested the user in their offer, induce them to take the appropriate action.

The main tasks that are solved with Pop-up forms include:

  • Subscription to a newsletter, notification or social media.
  • The role of a disclaimer.
  • Communicating important news.
  • A hint on how to work with the interface.
  • Communication with the manager via chat or callback.
  • Ordering.

For the conversion of pop-up windows are responsible three elements: display settings, the offer itself and the action to which it prompts. That is, first of all, you need to consider the relevance and timeliness of the display of such a form.

Action With a Timer

Ways to increase conversions are essentially always the same – it’s stocks, discounts and collecting a base of subscribers. The only thing that changes is the form of presentation. And one such form is a pop-up window with a promotion, timer and capture form.

Such widgets can be easily adjusted to the style of your website, fitting in seamlessly with the overall design concept, which increases the credibility of the site, looking in the eyes of the visitor as your functional feature for the convenience of customers.

Besides appearance, you can customize:

  • The wording of the headline and text of the promotion.
  • Email alerts.
  • Display scenarios (for example, showing to specific visitors at specific times).
  • Location of the text.
  • Timer of the end of the offer.
  • Integration with analytics systems.

User Behavior Analysis

Increase conversion rates by evaluating user behavior on the site. What buttons a visitor uses, whether he scrolls the page, how he moves the mouse, on what elements he lingers his attention – by understanding this, you can find out the reasons for bounce and improve the targeting of actions.


The basic principles of increasing conversions remain the same, only the way of presenting information changes. Interactive content in many ways replaces common banner ads, to which the majority have developed so-called “banner blindness”. Text on the page is replaced by personalized notifications, feedback forms are supplemented by chatbots, and so on.

The speed at which new technologies, channels and methods of work appear is increasing day by day. To keep up with the trends and not to be an outsider in the competition, you need to spend a certain resource to gain expertise in these channels and tools. You have to understand that there are few universal tools, and that what works for others may not work for you, and vice versa.

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