How to Ensure Your House Is Ready for a Foster Child

If you have made the decision to foster, you will want to feel as prepared as possible when the time comes around for the move in day. There are a lot of things that you can do to ensure both you and the child you foster can settle as quickly as possible and feel comfortable in no time. If you are wondering what should be on the checklist for your house, these are some good places to begin.

Make Sufficient Space foran Extra Person

Firstly, you should agree to fostering only if there is sufficient room for an extra person. This does not just mean having extra physical space, it means space that you have sufficiently cleared in order to accommodate your foster child. Even if you are providing a spare room, it is not very accommodating if this room is filled with old belongings. You should make sure it appears as though you have made an effort to give them a space that is meant for them – somewhere private where they can be peacefully alone when they want to.

Visit fosteringpeople.co.uk so that you can speak to one of the team members. Theycan help to reassure and prepare you for your new life coming up, and it is good to have a number of consultations before you fully commit.

Ensure There Is Room for Work and Play

Having room for both work and play will help your foster child thrive in their new home. You need to strike the balance between getting them settled into the new school system and helping them get settled into home life, which should be enjoyable. To help strike this balance, you could have different rooms assigned to different things. For example, the kitchen dining table could be a space used to do homework, which will help them develop an association of concentration with this spot. Likewise, you need to have designated areas for play in the house, whether this be a playroom or even the living room. If you are fostering a younger child, make sure this room is child-friendly, without too many breakable objects!

Have Photos of Your Family in the House

Having photos dotted around the house can make it much easier for a foster child to feel settled in. This will allow them to learn more about your family and feel as though they are getting to know you a bit better. If you have close relationships with extended family members, consider also putting their photographs  up on the wall. New foster parents may misinterpret this as being exclusive of the foster child, but it can actually be reassuring for them to know that the home they are entering into has good familial bonds.

If your house is prepared, this is one thing ticked off your list and it will help you feel more mentally prepared for your new adventure. Try to leave some things undone so that you have some activities you can do when your foster child first moves in, such as choosing posters, so they can make their room their own.

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