How to decorate a Halloween party with balloons decor?

Balloons are a spectacular yet simple way to decorate a room or whole house for Halloween! Besides that they alone can help you create almost all of your decorations, they won’t take their place in the attic after the holiday.  

Balloon decor is suitable for transforming any premises: apartment, private house, restaurant, hotel, and supermarket. Today, helium Mylar balloons like these https://balloons.online/holiday-mylar-and-foil-balloons/halloween-mylar-and-foil-balloons/ are especially relevant: floating ghosts, smiling pumpkins, and flying witches will help you easily create a spooky atmosphere!

And don’t forget about the Halloween color scheme: black is the most popular color, followed by yellow, purple, and orange — the color of the pumpkin.

Now, check out some of the trendiest balloon decoration ideas!

Halloween balloon arch

Balloon arches are a perfect choice for decorating entrances and large windows. Deciding on the color scheme, you can opt for traditional black, green, and orange, adding some white and pink to make your décor look a bit lighter. Also, you can install your arch in a big, spacious room.

Colorful arches, topped with balloon fountains always look festive, and it’s a good idea to hand some fiber spider webs to your décor to add some spookiness!

Awesome spooky fountains and bouquets

The variety of Halloween balloons makes it extremely easy to create an original bouquet, using both latex and foil products. This is a great gift option or a décor for a festive party.

Small balloon fountains come in handy for decorating tables with themed snacks. You can arrange these centerpieces along the walls where there is no furniture, or decorate the area for games and competitions.

Bat centerpiece

Create the base of 4 orange balloons, then take 2 black balloons of different sizes and tie them to the base with a black curling ribbon. Use thick paper to make bat’s eyes and fangs!

Decorating with separate balloons

Foil balloons are a very popular choice for decorating the holidays, and Halloween is no exception. They are inexpensive, but they last a long time and look amazing!

You will be amazed by the variety of shapes, colors, and prints of Halloween foil balloons: items in the form of brooding black cats, adorable ghosts, wise crows, funny skeletons, amusing spiders, or grinning pumpkins will delight anyone!

The easiest way is to inflate them and let them float under the ceiling or to decorate furnishings. Dilute this variety with plenty of solid color latex balloons. It is worth mentioning the large balloon figures, which will be the perfect choice for decorating large rooms or become a great present.

You can also buy letter and number balloons and assemble a “Halloween” garland!

There is another, more sophisticated option: order a large luminous yellow helium ball with a toothless grin, attach it to a summer scarecrow and tie a flying scarecrow with a strong rope near your country gate: your neighbors will be scared as hell!

Also, you can draw skull faces on white balloons, give orange inflatables the appearance of pumpkins with an ominous smile. You can also think of a stylish two-color option for a cool photoshoot!

Glowing balloon ghost

Another simple idea that looks great: get some 14” or 36” Hi-Float LED balloons, and wrap them in white tulle. The figure will freely float around the house, illuminating its way, scaring the hell out of your guests!

Staircase decorations

The more interesting the interior in your house, the more fascinating your Halloween decorations!

For example, if you have a staircase with a handrail, then you can inflate a lot of helium balloons in the form of ghosts, scary faces, spiders, witches, and decorate the stairs with them. In the guest room, attach a larger balloon in the form of a ghost that glows in the dark to the ceiling: everyone present will like this spooky surprise!

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