How To Choose Corrective Shapewear?

Women have long used various methods to help visually make the figure more attractive. Previously, rigid corsets were used for this. Today, there is corrective underwear that corrects figure flaws.

Main types and models

Shapewear can be indispensable before an important event, before which you did not have time to get in shape.

It can also be worn under very tight outfits. Visually imperceptible, hides wrinkles, makes the figure slimmer.Fajate is good option, if you want a reliable and long-lasting shapewear.

Such clothes are useful for full girls or slim girls who would like to make the proportions more perfect.

There are two main types of corrective models:


Hide extra folds, adjust the volume, give the figure the right shape. These are high-waisted panties, shorts, belts, combinations, bodysuits, graces, corsets. They are made of elastic materials intertwined with stretchable threads, due to which fat deposits are evenly distributed and well held, problem areas are smoothed out;


Add volume where it is lacking. These are bras that increase the breasts, panties that can give volume to the buttocks.

Corrective underwear differs in the degree of correction:

  1. A weak or light tightening helps to slightly smooth out the bulges, slightly tightens the stomach. An example is tight tights.
  2. Average degree material of different density. Improves the relief of the figure, eliminates wrinkles.
  3. Strong pullis suitable for women with a problem figure. Thanks to the inserted bones and plates, such underwear has a strong modeling property. Usually it is tight, hard, often not very comfortable, so it should not be worn for too long.

Types of modeling underwear:

corrective panties. Usually they have an oversized fit, they come in both thongs and regular slips. Help to hide the stomach;

Slimming pantaloons

They improve the waistline, remove the stomach, depending on the length, capturing the buttocks and hips. Can hide cellulite, make the line of the hips more elegant;


This is a jumpsuit with fasteners between the legs. The bottom can be represented by panties or pantaloons. Hides the stomach, visually makes the waist thinner, tightens the buttocks and chest, and evens out the posture. There are things with long sleeves that hide massive shoulders;


They look like a belt from the chest to the hips, with or without straps. Semi-grace is a belt wide to the navel. Narrow the waist area, give a beautiful posture;


 The same wide belt that tightens the stomach and waist, but with lacing, which can be used to adjust the volume. Corsets can open the chest or have a beautiful bodice that lifts it;

Stretchy skirts

High skirts visually narrow the waist, hide the stomach, and correct the line of the hips.

How to choose?

For slimming models, take into account the following recommendations:

  • First define the goal: You need to buy underwear, understanding where you will wear it. It can be selected for a specific event or for everyday wear. Determine this ahead of time. You should not immediately buy products with a strong correction – choose an average one, evaluate the effect it gives, walk around and let your body get used to the sensations;
  • If you are going to wear the model you buy with a particular outfit, take it with you to the store and try it on: And vice versa: when choosing clothes that you plan to wear with slimming models, immediately measure them on them;
  • Correct size is important: Don’t buy a much smaller model. The correct size will improve the shape of the silhouette, while the small one will stretch too much, make the figure ugly;
  • Make sure the model sits correctly: The product should take shape after putting on, stretch by the end of the day, take shape again after washing. Like other underwear, it is not necessary to wash it after each wear. It is forbidden to wash at a temperature of more than 30 degrees, as this is detrimental to the elastane in the composition;
  • Correct color: Usually, such things are chosen in a tone as close as possible to the skin tone or in black, if it is planned to be worn under dark clothes;
  • Check inserts and seams: The latter should not be visible under clothing. Be sure to look at yourself from all angles. Slimming underwear should eliminate wrinkles, and not create additional ones;
  • Try to choose “breathable” materials, do not wear corrective models for too long.

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