How Slot Machines Have Evolved for the Past Years

You adore the first minute you step into a casino, and the ambience completely takes over your senses. A casino’s lights, sounds, scents, and energy are unlike anything else, particularly when you stroll through the rows upon rows of slot equipment on each side of the corridor. With their dazzling lights, appealing tunes, and pop culture allusions, slot machines are meant to make you think like a winner. Because the early slot machines did not use electricity, the bright lights and noises we are familiar with nowadays were not even feasible. They were instead basic devices with levers and springs that spun reels with rudimentary symbols on them. Let’s take a closer look at how slots progressed to their current shape. We will look at:

  • The first slot machine;
  • Electromagnetic slot machine;
  • Online slot machine or best pokies online;
  • Video slot machines and more.

The Very First Slot Machines

It goes without mentioning that back in the ancient days of slot machines, there were no online connections or mobile devices. In 1894, an American innovator of Bavarian ancestry called Charles August Fey created the prototype of the slot machine. Fey installed one of his first machines in a local tavern a year afterwards, in 1895, and it was a huge success. Fey resigned his work as a mechanic after discovering he was onto something and founded a factory that produced additional machines. By 1898, he was manufacturing the “Card Bell,” the earliest three-reel slot machine with an automated payout.

It displayed poker hands, hence the name. The next year, Fey constructed the Liberty Bell, widely regarded as the first slot machine. Horseshoes and card suits were among the symbols. The initial step in the growth of slot machines had been taken. They certainly didn’t realise it at the time, but this was a big stride forward in the history of slot machines, and the fruit and bar symbols they employed back then would become the norm for the rest of the century.

The Slot Machine Electromechanical

By the 1950s, innovation had advanced by huge leaps, fueled in part by world Wars and in part by the natural progression of time. This paved the way for the innovation of electromechanical slots, which introduced a slew of additional payout choices, such as three-coin multipliers. By today’s standards, these computers were still crude, with no meaningful functionality other than multipliers. They remained completely mechanical, depending on the drawing of a lever and the rotating of reels in a tangible screen.

When we consider the advancement of slot machines since then, these games would be quite uninteresting by today’s standards, yet they were popular back then. Money Honey was one of the first electromechanical slots developed by Bally Manufacturing Co. This slot could award up to five hundred coins, which was groundbreaking at the time. The mechanical aspect of slots would ultimately give way, and the public would gradually come around.

Video Slots Machines

Slot machine video reports from the period show that gamers did not take to video slots right away. They were so habituated to pulling machine handles that clicking keys and seeing digital reels spin didn’t appeal to them. In retrospect, the development of video slots was an unavoidable stage in the history of slot machines as satellite and cable Television took their initial steps in the 1970s. Common people then were probably unaware that they were experiencing the early phases of a digital world that would grow to rule everything and arise to slot games they could not have imagined.

Video slots gradually surpassed reel slots, and by the 1980s, the earliest progressive jackpots were accessible in Las Vegas and worldwide. This gave birth to the big jackpots we are accustomed to today, but the concept of a machine paying out billions was startling at the time. By the end of the twentieth century, gambling rules in the United States and abroad had been liberalised, and slot machines had spread like wildfire. At the beginning of the century, there had been over 300,000 of them in Nevada alone.

When casinos opened on Native American sites and elsewhere, video slots accounted for the largest chunk of practically all casino income. However, with the continuous march of technology, the actual video slot machine would eventually face an existential danger from the next form of a slot – the internet slot machine. When one thinks about it, the growth of slot machines isn’t all that, unlike biological evolution. There is always a younger challenger ready to demolish the older versions!

Internet Slot Machines

Although there was internet gambling in the 1990s, the internet truly took off during the early 2000s. In the new century, home computers hit a turning point, and as more and more gamers went online, so did the quantity of internet gambling and online slot games. Bill Gates may not have realised it, but he was instrumental in the growth of slot machines by building machines and thus making the internet available to everyone. Starting with software companies like Microgaming and Playtech, internet slots quickly proliferated and progressed at a faster rate than their predecessors.

They began as three computerised fruit machines, but within a generation, 3D slots with many extra features, including extra spin rounds, additional wheels, and choosing games for quick cash wins, were available. There were also massive pooled jackpots available for grabs, which added gasoline to the fire and drove additional slot gamer’s internet for a taste of the action. Microgaming, for example, created Mega Moolah in 2006, recognised as a “millionaire-maker” due to its multi-million progressive payouts.

Virtual Reality Slots

When it regards virtual reality, there are typically two camps: those who insist it is the future of the planet and will be greater than this world, and others who feel it might never take on and will take the route of the mini-disc. While it is a dispute that will be decided with time, virtual reality slots are now available and have begun to gain popularity. Online casino websites have received accolades for pioneering VR gambling experiences, and while they are still in their youth, their popularity is rising.


Slots do not remain static for long, and they alter as time passes. That’s to be expected when vast sums are wagered each year internationally, and game suppliers compete in battles to get the biggest slice of the pie. Things have evolved a lot since Charles August Fey introduced the Card Bell in the early years of slot machines, and the progress of slot machines will continue. We’re confident that whatever occurs with slots in the present will be an early sign of what patterns will follow elsewhere throughout the world because the gambling business is usually at the frontline of whatever technical breakthroughs are happening.

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