How Much Cost Involves in Developing a Mobile Game?

The gaming industry is facing exponential growth, and it is set to bag 90.7 billion US Dollars this year, even though the gaming industry is already valued over billions. Apart from the statistics, playing a game is fun and entertaining. Thus, without a doubt, on no occasion, this will diverge from prosperity.

However, the affluence of the gaming industry features investment opportunities for many stakeholders out there. With the emergence of Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Virtual Reality, and Augmented Reality, games are getting advanced and more fun. But, on the other side, the gaming industry is expected to excel even more. This is why multiple mobile game development onboarded on this game development bandwagon to ensure high revenue.

If you have landed on this site searching for the cost of building a mobile app, then you’ve come to the right place. So sit back cozily; we’ll walk you through all the essential costing scenarios of game development, although the cost of developing a game is highly reliant on the game’s limitlessness. Keep Reading!

Stages of Mobile Game Development – Costs

We’ll provide you withdetails of the game development stages and hourly rates of the involved experts in mobile game development in this segment.

Game Designers

Building an outstanding is not as easy as it may seem. With that being said, the process requires time, effort, and especially a well-versed team. First of all, you need a Game Designer to help you create your idea into an actual interpretable concept for the game developers. Game Designers are primarily responsible for building the game world along with all the rules, physics, history, and other included aspects. According to payscale, the average video game designer rate per hour is $26.74. And an average 3D artist rate per hour is $21.60.


The next aspect you have to examine is hiring a team of developers, team leaders, and game architects. For that, you may need to outsource, as it takes various knowledge-based experts to build an excellent game. They help make the idea thru coding architectures into a real-world game. Mainly, they bring everything of your game into an actual game. The iOS app developer average hourly rate is $40.80, an Android app developer’s average rate is $37.45, and an average video game programmer’s hourly rate is $23.90.

Quality Assurance

The built game must work perfectly fine and smooth so that it’ll run bug-free after its release. To ensure that, you may as well hire QA Engineers to check and maintain the quality of your game. QA engineers assure the quality of your game by testing it multiple times at various angles of your game. QA Engineers’ average fee per hour is $26.15.

After knowing all the major development stages included in a game development process, you can easily calculate your game development budgets by now. Then again, to some extent, you may be able to do just that, but there are also major pricing factors involved that you much know. So let’s have a look at them.

Key Pricing Aspects

So, how much cost is involved in building a mobile game?

Here are some prominent factors that affect the cost of developing a mobile game:

  • Platform
  • Game Design
  • Game Category
  • Testing
  • Marketing


The cost of building a game depends on the game platform you choose. Comparatively, iOS game developer has higher hourly rates than Android ones. More importantly, the build on native platforms costs more elevated than the game created on Unity. Unity is among the top game development platforms that have extended features to embed in the games. Whether you choose a native platform or any eminent platform, know that you should consider your target audience before choosing so.

Additionally, iOS and Android game development practically imply building the game from scratch, significantly impacting the price. On the flip side, Unity, holding plenty of features, will cost you less. Then again, do market research before picking a platform.

Game Design

In the game development process, game designers play a vital role, as they compile the game idea into a decipherable document for the developers to build it just like that. Game design development into a document is highly time-consuming and costly too. Despite having a basic game to create, somewhat the total price may vary. Then again, many developers create a game without a game design document but with clients verbally instructing them. That’s another case, perhaps not very recommendable by many game experts.

Game Category

Know that game development price is very much dependent on the game genre or category. Game type significantly determines the game complexity and vastness as the pricing too. 2D games cost lower than 3D games, which require tons of 3D art and 3D designing. Hyper casual games or 2d mini-games have their trend intact in the markets. It is never like 3D games are a must to get popular in the first place, although 3D games are next-gen high-level games taking place gradually. That said, market research can help a great deal to choose a popular game category for your target audience.

Furthermore, the more complex your game is, the higher the price is – Simple. And 3D games are more complex than regular 2D mini-games. Plus, the number of features, objects, visualization, and more play their game development pricing parts too. In short, everything has a price, so you must know what to include in your mobile game.

Game Types to Consider:

  • Mini Games
  • Casual 2D Games
  • Social Games
  • Mid-Level Games
  • Business Game
  • High-Level Games


You can skip the game app testing step on no account, as they are as much needed as the development steps. Generally, for every team of developers, there should be testers involved. To maintain the quality of the game, testing engineers play a vital role. While developing the game, there are high possibilities of bugs and malfunctions, and they cannot be detected on the first testing attempt. It is why a built game should go thru multiple testing phases before launch. And for the testing price, as mentioned above, QA engineer has their average hourly prices.


Let’s face it. Without marketing your game, you may not reach your potential users. So, marketing is the only practical solution to onboard the target audience to your mobile game. Plus, marketing helps create decent revenue. If you want to invest in marketing, you should analyze your potential users and develop future-based researched strategies and updates to make them stick around to your game. Above all, more marketing cost more money as well.

Wrap up

With intense ongoing game development trends, perhaps making a mobile game of your own isn’t a wrong choice at all. While the cost of developing a mobile game can differ on several aspects of the game development itself, such as experts’ hourly costs, a number of features, game complexity, platform, game design, game type, testing, and marketing. To know for sure, you should analyze each stage to estimate a precise cost for creating a game, as we have highlighted in this written piece. Or, maybe you can consult the best software development company for game development costings and other related queries.

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