How Can You Help Your Marriage Through a Rocky Patch?

Marriage and relationships, in general, aren’t always smooth sailing. It’s perfectly normal for couples to have disagreements and get frustrated with each other sometimes, especially if you’re living under the same roof. While most of the time these lovers’ quarrels can be resolved within a day or two, when your problems are starting to become bigger issues, this can be cause for concern. When you have committed to someone through marriage or even in a long-term relationship, these rocky patches can make you question whether or not you want to stay if they are hard enough. If you and your partner are facing these kinds of challenges right now and you want to try and work on it to find a resolution you can both be happy with, here are some tips you might be interested in.

Respect Each Other’s Space

This might mean going away with friends or visiting family for a weekend or even crashing on a friend’s couch for a night or two. This can give you both an opportunity to calm down and reflect on what is going on between you both and how you truly feel about this. Even if you don’t like the idea of your partner or yourself going elsewhere for a temporary period, if this is something that they want, you need to respect that. You should also avoid calling or messaging them too much during this time apart to give yourselves the space that you both need to process the situation.

Actively Listen to Each Other

If you want to find a resolution to your relationship’s problems, you need to actively listen to one another. Don’t interrupt each other when you’re speaking, and try to put yourself in the other’s person’s shoes and understand where they are coming from. Communication is key, and active listening is a big part of this.

Consider Couple’s Counseling

If you can’t seem to resolve your issues together and any attempts at talking appear to escalate into arguments, then you might want to consider going to couple’s counseling. Having someone who is unbiased and acts as a mediator of sorts can help you both get your points across without interruption, and it could also help you both see things that you might be missing. You might also find going to solo therapy sessions can help you work out individual issues that might be impacting your marriage. Somewhere like the San Diego individual therapycenter can help you with this, and they also offer couple’s counseling, too.

Aim to Be More Present

Giving each other space can be beneficial, but when you are together, aim to be more present in the relationship. A lot of the time, resentments between couples can build because they feel their partner is failing to meet their needs or that they are being taken for granted/ignored. Whether it’s agreeing to go on a weekly date night, asking how each other’s day was, showing interest, etc., this can help you start to reconnect.

If you are going through a rough patch in your marriage and you want to work on it, consider the suggestions above and see how they can help you both find a positive resolution and get back on track as a couple.

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