Growing Your Farm: A How-To Guide

Growth and expansion are common aims for most businesses today. Having a solid plan in place is key. Establishing a solid team is also incredibly important; you need to trust your team to carry out the day to day running of the farm so that you can put your attention on growing your business.

Implement Systems

Create a better level of predictability and certainty through the implementation of systems. Build systems that utilize your knowledge of running your farm. Document this knowledge in step-by-step processes for your team to follow. Allocate these processes between your team and hire supervisors to check their work. Implementing these systems promotes consistency across processes and staff even when you aren’t there. Keeping your processes and systems consistent is key to ensuring continuity across the board, which also helps to drive up your profits.

Build Your Team

After creating systems throughout your farming operation, it is time to think about your team. Look for experienced staff who understand and can carry out your operating systems for you. Consider the qualifications or past experience that you want your new hires to have. Don’t limit yourself to candidates in the local area. Cast a wider net and consider hiring internationally. Use visas to allow you to hire skilled workers from other countries. Research your options when it comes to hiring international staff; there are a number of visa options, including the H2A meaning that you should be able to find one that works for you. Induct and train your new hires properly, educate them on your systems, and ensure they understand them. Work hard to keep the lines of communication open. Provide feedback regularly to not only help your staff improve but also to encourage them by praising them on the things they do well.

Step Back

Demonstrate your trust in your team and their abilities and step back. Building a farm that runs well without you is the first step. Scale back your role in the daily running of your farm to free yourself up to spend more time on the business side of things. Believe in the team that you have built and the systems that you have put in place. Let go of the reins and spend your now free time looking for opportunities for expansion and growth. Enjoy the renewed sense of focus and energy, which allows you to be a more effective leader.

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