Frugal Ways to Buy a New Smartphone: 4 Effective Tips

Of course, everyone would like to get the best mobile devices with top features, but flagships are usually costly. Not everyone can afford a brand-new model, and not everyone needs it. For example, it makes no sense to change iPhone 13 for the recently released iPhone 14. Of course, unless you are a blogger or technology enthusiast. However, if you really need a new smartphone and would like to present some tricks on which characteristics to consider in order to save some money when purchasing a device.

Don’t Overpay for the Famous Brand

It’s not a secret that industry giants increase prices for their products, and customers happily wait for their latest novelties, ready to invest a fortune to get the desired flagships. However, such huge investments are not necessary since numerous less well-known brands provide the same characteristics at lower prices. So, search for some alternatives. For instance, iPhone fans can pay attention to Xiaomi Mi 11 Lite 5G Ne, which has numerous functions and is much cheaper than Apple’s most popular development.

RAM of the Device: Is More Always Better?

As a rule, the higher this indicator, the faster and more efficiently the smartphone works. The size of RAM varies from 2 GB to 16 GB in the most powerful devices. The minimum figure should not be considered; even inexperienced users should choose at least 4 GB. This will allow applications to work efficiently: if you need a smartphone to check email, chat on social networks, and play new slots online, this will be enough. As a rule, such gadgets are more affordable and provide all the necessary features for ordinary users.

Camera: Impressive Number of Megapixels Is Usually Not Necessary

Today, smartphones can take impressive pictures almost as well as those made with professional digital cameras. As a rule, users test all its functions and will surely take dozens of high-quality photos the first days after buying a new smartphone. However, a huge number of megapixels turns out to be simply unnecessary if your work does not require it. Of course, people always want to get the best of the best, but this point won’t significantly affect the overall work of the device. 12 megapixels are pretty enough, so there’s no sense in overpaying for more.

Is It Worth Investing Extra Cash in In-Built Memory?

Absolutely no! It’s one of the most significant points where you can save money and lose nothing. 128 GB is pretty enough for ordinary users, while some even select 64 GB and are pleased with this choice.

Android devices, such as Samsung, Xiaomi, and Huawei, usually have additional space for a memory card – buying it is much cheaper than initially overpaying for in-built storage. However, Apple devices lack such a possibility, so users usually try to purchase smartphones with bigger memory sizes. However, there’s an alternative: you can keep all the necessary pictures and files in iCloud, which costs a few dollars a month.

Overall, the New Zealand technology market offers countless gadgets suiting all preferences, so set your budget and determine your priorities when choosing your perfect smartphone.

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