Four Proven Tips for Easy Online Casino Withdrawals

Arguably, the most important part of playing online casino games is withdrawing your winnings. It not only gives the player a sense of victory, but also encourages him/her to stay online and keep playing. The gist is the same whether the gambler is placing high stakes in blackjack at their favourite online casino, or supporting their most beloved team on https://www.sportweddenschappen24.net/.

However, there are some fraudulent online casinos that scam gullible players and never pay. Discussed in this article are 4 recommendations that will help gamblers to avoid that trap:

1.   Choose a Reputable Online Casino Operator

It is imperative for players to ensure that the online casino of their choice is licensed and allowed to operate in their countries. This will not only secure their deposited funds and winnings, but it will also ensure that their money can be withdrawn easily and in a convenient fashion. This license is a stamp of approval that the online casino is operating within the established laws and regulations of the land.

2.   Understand the Online Casino Withdrawal Process

As soon as you’ve won your first stakes at an online casino, you’ll want to withdraw your earnings immediately. Depending on the online platform you have chosen, withdrawal of your winnings should take between 2 – 3 days. This duration is affected by the time needed to process your request plus the online casino’s timetable. E-wallets have the fastest payout time (1-3 days) while bank transfers take a bit more time (5-8 days). 

3.   Familiarise Yourself with Withdrawal Lock, Withdrawal Reversal and Manual Flushing

a)    Manual Flushing

Whenever you request a withdrawal, the funds are placed in what is referred to as pending time. This means the withdrawal is neither processed nor turned over to the payment provider. Therefore, the payments have to be manually confirmed and then released to the player’s account. Manual flushing enables the player to cancel their request for withdrawal while also allowing online casinos to confirm if all the payment details are correct.

b)    Withdrawal Lock

This is a feature available on online casinos that allows the player to skip the pending time by ensuring all future withdrawals are moved directly to processing. It is also known as automatic manual flushing among programmers.

c)     Withdrawal Reversal

When a player requests payment of their winnings, but later on changes their mind, some operators will allow clients to reverse their withdrawal requests. Upon receiving the money back, the player can use it to continue playing their favourite games.

4.   Ensure you confirm the Withdrawal Limits

Online casino operators usually have daily, weekly or monthly withdrawal limits. Seasoned players who usually have higher winnings can quickly hit the ceiling making it difficult to withdraw the money once the above-mentioned limits are not adhered to. Players who bet lower amounts need not worry as the limits are beyond their budget. Some payment providers may also place withdrawal limits on each transaction making it necessary to divide the winnings during withdrawal.


As you do your research on online casinos with easy withdrawal processes, it is always wise to peruse casino reviews. This will give you an idea of what other players think about the withdrawal process. Although most online casinos are reliable, some may be complicated or slow to withdraw funds.

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