Fantasy Football and the Tools of the Trade

The old saying states that the cream always rises to the top. In the world of fantasy football, you’ve got to be one premium level cream to sit above over seven million other competitors. The growth of the official Fantasy Premier League (FPL) game over the years has been nothing short of exceptional. How do you win against millions of competitors? To say it will take some work and commitment to come out on top in the FPL is a slight understatement. However, we want to furnish you with some of the best tools that are easily accessible to all fantasy football players. As with a lot of stuff on the internet, you just need to know where to look.

Predicted Lineups in the FPL

First off, find a website that churns out high-quality content and predicted EPL lineups for every gameweek of the season.

Predicted Lineups help with pretty much everything in terms of decisions to be made for your FPL selection.

A reliable predicted lineups page can be invaluable in terms of assisting you with the choices you need to make. Don’t make a transfer until you’ve viewed them. The same for captains and vice-captains – do not choose them until you have checked predicted lineups. Even the priority with which you place your substitutes can depend on what you see in the predicted lineups. So, find the right site for you. A site that you are comfortable using and that you know you can trust the information found within. Don’t devalue the importance of this task. Be sure to check your favourite predicted lineups page before each gameweek deadline.

Injuries and Suspensions in the Premier League

It’s a bit much to expect every FPL player to be on top of all the injury news for each of the 20 top-flight clubs in England for the duration of the season. Use the best resources available to you.

You can find websites that provide up-to-the-minute information for every team on an ‘injury table’. It’s basically a small database which shows you how many players are currently listed as injured and unavailable to play, while also detailing just how long each one is expected to be out of action for.

Suspensions are another reason players can miss out on playing during any gameweek. In the Premier League, if you accumulate five yellow cards in the first half of the season (the first 19 league games), you will be suspended for one match. This continues for every further accumulation of five yellow cards thereafter.

If a player is sent off after receiving two yellow cards in the same game, they will also be suspended for a match. A direct red card for a professional foul carries a single game ban too.

Suspensions can be more than one game – for example, if a player is sent off for dissent or, of course, violent conduct.

The best place to keep track of all current suspensions in the Premier League is on the official FPL site.

Various Types of Competitors in Modern-Day FPL

It’s possible to find your way in the world of fantasy football if you are comfortable working with statistics and the various visual data representations available these days. Yes, that goes for people who would not consider themselves to be football fans, necessarily. Now, you can educate yourself via the countless media and data visual presentations available regarding every single player and club in England’s top flight. That’s why there has been such a huge increase in participation in the FPL by people from backgrounds such as data analysis, statistical research and the like.

Remember to Enjoy the Fantasy Football Experience

At the end of the day, your fantasy football success, or lack thereof, will be dependent upon you. We just like to guide you towards the best tools and tips of the trade. How you use them is up to you.

Enjoy dipping your toes into the world of the FPL!

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