Emerging Asian Celebs Everyone Would Want to Hang Out With

Asia is huge. People in the west don’t get how big it actually is. China and India alone have more than 2 billion people. It was only a matter of time before some Asian celebs would become more popular than their continent and become megastars. It happened before. Bruce Lee stormed the world. Jackie Chan made all of us laugh. But it used to be unusual for Asian celebrities to be in the spotlight of the whole world. That’s changed, so now it feels like Asian celebs are taking on the planet, which is good because most of them are amazing.

We can only imagine how it’d be to hooking up with those emerging stars but don’t forget that they’re still human. And they aren’t used to all the fame. It means that some present and future stars have profiles on the dating pages for Asain hookup because it’s easier to meet regular people that way. Modern features let them chat with many singles simultaneously. That helps normal people find better matches. For celebrities, that’s crucial for balancing private and personal lives. That’s something 5 Asian stars from the list below had to learn almost overnight.


Solenn Marie AdeaHeussaff-Bolzico is a stunning Filipina-French most famous for modeling, singing, and appearing in Celebrity Survivor. That opened many doors to her and took her into the movie and music industries. Solenn had smaller and bigger roles in numerous TV shows, movies, and a couple of commercials. She’s been around for a while, so it may be a bit off to call her an emerging Asian celeb. But she’s still one of the most loved Filipinian personalities, so she had to be included in our list.

Jung Ho-Yeon

Jung Ho-Yeon is living the time of her life after getting a role in Squid Game. Even though she died in the first season (and would need a miracle to resurrect), she prospered the most out of the whole cast. Since her debut on Netflix, Jung gained 14,6 million followers. Everybody wants to know her every step. Everybody wants to hang out with her and be close to her. She’s dealing well with all the attention because it’s not completely new for her. She’s been asuccessful model in Korea before becoming one of the most popular people on the planet. As mentioned, her character in Squid Game is dead, but we can expect to see more of her pretty face in future Netflix shows. That’s as close as most of us will get to hang out with Jung Ho-Yeon.

Priyanka Chopra Jonas

Priyanka Chopra Jonas is another well-known face in Asia that grabbed the attention of the whole world with her acting. Born and raised in India, Priyanka got her first adult role in Bollywood back in 2003. It didn’t take her long to become famous in India, but the world recognized her after she got a lead role in Quantico. It enabled her to release a couple of singles. In 2018 Prianka started dating Nick Jonas and got married in the same year. They’re still happy together and even have a child. We can’t wait to see Priyanka’s future work because it will surely grab much attention. Who knows, she may start a band with Nick and their daughter.


ShioliKutsuna is another famous girl that started locally but managed to conquer the world. She got a reward from the Japanese Film Academy for being the best newcomer back in 2014. That hasn’t fed her hunger for success, so she kept growing and becoming more popular. Roles in Shinichi Kudo’s Written Challenge!, Beck, 125 Years Memory earned her respect. But she gained millions of international fans after playing Yukio in Deadpool 2. Shioli is fluent in English and Japanese and has experience with manga, which means she must be fun to hang out with. Most people will never come close to that, but at least we’ll see a lot more of her on the screens.

Margaret Zhang

All the ladies from this list can give beauty tips, but only Margaret Zhang can say she does that for a living. In fact, she’s even bigger than that. She’s setting trends for other people to follow. Despite being under 30 years old, Margaret is already the creative director and editor at Chief of Vogue China. It goes without saying that everybody interested in fashion wants to meet and hang out with Margaret. She’s currently living in the USA and China and working on her first feature film. It means we’ll get to see another avalanche of praise for Margaret’s work in the future. She’s already famous. God knows what’ll happen when she gets under the spotlight again.

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