Doratoon Review: The Best Tool to Create a Video Resume

A well-written CV might be helpful for someone looking for work, but submitting a video resume can elevate your application to the next level. If you are now pondering which app to take advantage of, the response will be Doratoon.

Is Doratoon the Most Helpful App for Creating Video CVs?

If you need to create a video CV, Doratoon is the tool that will serve you best. It makes it simple to generate video resumes that do an excellent job of highlighting your credentials and presenting them to potential employers. Utilize this innovative CV approach to boost your chances of being hired for your desired position.

The user may quickly use all of Doratoon’s animation elements to create individualized films utilizing the animation styles that are most popular with the target audience. In addition, for the convenience of its customers, Doratoon provides a wide variety of templates, among which you may search for the film that best fits your needs and change it appropriately.

Features of Doratoon

Following are some of the most prominent features of Doratoon:

  • Converting PowerPoint presentations to video

You may make your regular PowerPoint video resume into a captivating one using some simple editing techniques. This conversion has no impact on the material that was initially present.

  • Templates

The templates that Doratoon provides are designed with the user’s simplicity and comprehension in mind. The education, business, human resources, and marketing industries are all represented in these templates. You may search for videos on resumes, project management, explainer films, advertisements, product marketing, campus life, and workplace activities.

  •  Animated Characters

The animated characters in a video make it more appealing to younger audiences and more worthwhile to share since more people will watch it. There are around 8000 different actions and emotions that may be seen in Doratoon. This feature has a unique way of expressing itself, which encourages many people, particularly youngsters, to watch the whole of the animated film with interest.

  • Subtitles

You may include subtitles in your video resume if the subject of the video is someone from another country with whom you do not speak a common language. The artificial intelligence of Doratoon can then convert the subtitles into any language desired.

How to Create a Video Resume Using Doratoon?

The process of using Doratoon is simple, and its features are intuitive. A creative video résumé may be easily made on Doratoon by following these step-by-step instructions:

  • Create an account on Doratoon right now.
  • Launch Create a New Video and choose a format from the list of available options.
  • Create a video curriculum vitae tailored to your specifications by importing animated characters and films from Doratoon, then cutting and trimming them as necessary.
  • Create an attention-grabbing heading for your video CV.
  • To export your video curriculum vitae, choose Export from the file menu, then select either the MP4 or PPT file type.
  • At this point, you ought to have your video curriculum vitae just the way you want it.

Is It Worth It to Make a Video Resume Using Doratoon?

You should invest time and energy into using Doratoon since it is a one-of-a-kind video resume creator. Multiple templates help you to convert your video CV into a masterpiece. This is why:

  • Simple to use

Users of both technical and non-technical backgrounds will find Doratoon easy to use. This indicates that you do not need any prior experience to utilize it. The user-friendliness of Doratoon’s UI contributes to the game’s overall ease of use, particularly when completing chores.

  • Online storage

You don’t need to save each movie to the storage space available on your smartphone when you use this app. Free online storage is public with Doratoon.

  • Speed

This program is quick and provides a swift option for developing resume videos. When time is of the essence, the app that will serve you best to get the work done is adoration.

  • Video presentation formats

You are not restricted to presenting videos in the vertical or horizontal format while using Duration. Instead, it provides both of these amenities and allows you to choose whichever one you like.

  • Efficiency

The use of Doratoon leads to improvements in both productivity and outcomes. Your chances of being employed are increased if you have a video CV that is nicely organized and put together.

  • Simple to share with others

You won’t have any problems if you want to distribute your video resume through social media or any other channel. You may do it without any difficulty. You can instantly share it with others in the format of your choice using Duration.


There has been a recent surge in interest in using CV videos, and if you haven’t already, you should give them a go. They are now considered normal and acceptable in most social settings. The use of Doratoon throughout the production of such a video guarantees that it will meet and exceed all expectations. The outcomes you get from using Doratoon are positive no matter what profession or business you work in. So go ahead and give it a go right now!

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