Do Jake And Nicole Have Kids?

Jake Mace, 40, and his fiancée Nicole, 26, are prominent YouTube celebrities who share films of their off-grid living in British Columbia, Canada. As of December 2021, the net worth of Jake and Nicole’s Living Off Grid Youtube channel is $1.9 million.

They have 279 videos on their channel, with over 267 million views and 1.1 million subscribers. Their goal is to capture and share their experience living a sustainable existence in Canada’s untamed woods with the world.

This couple opted to live off the grid in a yurt they built themselves on a 20-acre plot of land in the forests in Vancouver, British Columbia, which they dubbed Black Fish Hollow. Despite having individual YouTube accounts, they started their collaborative vlog in 2019.

Their YouTube video, similar to Eric and Arielle’s Simple Living Alaska channel, discusses life in the Canadian wilderness, from snowstorms to growing their food to building their dwelling. Jake and Nicole have two-and-a-half-year-old Australian Cattle Dog Blue Heelers, Kai and Puma.

Over the years, Off grid with Jake and Nicole has gained a lot of fans and many of them are curious about living off-grid with Jake and Nicole location.

How Did Jake And Nicole Get Started Living Off The Grid?

Jake and Nicole are an American couple who launched their YouTube channel a few years ago with various notions.

Initially, they traveled worldwide, experiencing new areas while making and uploading weekly vlogs. They even sold their home in America to travel to different countries, but it grew routine and uninteresting for them over time. Then they chose to live in seclusion, away from the hustle and bustle of city life.

The pair has gone on a wild trip that will either make or ruin them. They purchased 8 acres of raw property in the forests of Vancouver Island, a captivating island noted for its wild and untamed beaches in British Columbia, Canada, with no shower, bathroom, or house.

They began living in a Yurt built entirely by themselves, producing organic food, obtaining electricity from renewable energy sources such as solar, and demonstrating how to live sustainably in the woods. They have also given the location the moniker “blackfish hollow.”

Living Off-Grid With Jake And Nicole, Location?

Our names are Nicole and Jake. We have a couple of popular YouTube channels. And we dwell on North Vancouver Island in a 30-foot Pacific Yurt.

They are still residing on their 20-acre property in British Columbia’s forests. In anticipation of the new addition to their family, they just built a Bunkie log cabin to increase their living and sleeping facilities.

Even though they only occupy 2 acres of the land, there is plenty of areas for them to grow if they so choose, and they have no intentions to relocate.

Jake And Nicole, Are They Married?

Jake Mace and Nicole are not married now, but they are engaged. Jake proposed to Nicole on tape during their first boating lesson off Vancouver Island, where they currently reside.

He engaged in the spring of 2021, and while they haven’t revealed any wedding plans, their fans are looking forward more to their party when it happens.

Are Jake And Nicole Expecting A Child?

The couple is expecting their first kid right now. Nicole has loved blogging about living off the grid and recording her pregnancy while living in a yurt in British Columbia.

Nicolle is six months pregnant, and their baby is due in the spring of 2022. She still likes many off-grid living activities, such as hot tub showers and helping Jake build a log home in preparation for their new baby.

Few Things To Know About Jake And Nicole

They are both vegan and enjoy going to coffee cafes that serve vegan meals and smoothies. Jake adores the water and has stated on several occasions that he would like to live near the sea at some point in his life.

They both choose to reside in Canada rather than the United States because of the four seasons he loves in that nation. Nicole met her future husband on a garden tour while she was still in college. Jake was the tour leader during that particular trip and had already begun vlogging on his garden tours, which Nicole was watching.

Jake enjoys various activities, including golf, gardening, and martial arts. He used to record and upload videos to his martial arts YouTube account.

Nicole is a Yoga nut. She began practicing Yoga when she was 18 years old to keep flexible and healthy.

Nicole enjoys supporting local companies by purchasing her outfits and fanny packs from them. She is enthusiastic about assisting small and new businesses. This pair is now working on an e-book cookbook that includes all their vegan culinary recipes.

Off-Grid Living With Jake And Nicole’s Income And Net Worth

Their off-grid channel has developed over the years and now boasts 1.29 million subscribers. In addition, the track has 17.5 million monthly views.

As a result, they make an estimated $2400 per day ($864k yearly) exclusively from YouTube advertising that broadcasts on their videos. They are predicted to have a net worth of $3 million as of 2022.

Other Sources Of Revenue/Online Store

They supplement their revenue by selling their items online through their website Komorebi. Jake and Nicole have also collaborated with several enterprises and corporations whose items are shown in their channel, increasing their revenue.

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