Cutting Your Mobile Phone Bill in Half: 5 Budget-Friendly Suggestions

Long gone are the days when the public used a landline to communicate with friends or family members; instead, we now rely on our mobile phones to keep us contactable. As a result, the cost of our home phone lines has decreased, whereas our mobile phone bills have skyrocketed – making this monthly outgoing one of the priciest things in our household budget.

A UK citizen can expect to receive a mobile phone bill of approximately £45.60 per month, which is much money to stay connected. Suppose you set additional household costs such as food shopping, utilities, and rental or mortgage repayments. In that case, homeowners are sure to discover that the price of their mobile phones is set to rival that of their others.

Fortunately, unlike our other monthly outgoings, it’s possible to reduce the impact of our mobile phone bill by a least half of the costs. Knowing how to do so can be challenging, so we’ve created this article outlining several budget-friendly suggestions to reduceyour mobile phone bill for a more reasonable price tag yet with the same level of service.

Avoid Using Cellular Data

One of the simplest ways to cut down the costs of your mobile phone bill is by avoiding cellular data and using Wi-Fi wherever possible. Fortunately, most public places have an internet connection that is free for general use in our modern society. If it’s not evident whether an area has Wi-Fi or not, then there’s no harm in asking a staff member for the details, as the worst that they can say is no.

If you cannot find a public internet connection, then be smart with your internet usage, and limit your cellular use to the times you need it most. Avoid downloading or streaming any films, television shows, podcasts, music etc., while you’re out and about; save this until you are connected to a stable internet connection, as doing so often drains your data quickly.

It also pays to know how much data allowance your mobile plan entitles you to, as most providers are known for being merciless if you go over your expected limit. Therefore, you know if you’re nearing your limit and can be extra cautious so that you don’t incur any surprise internet charges at the end of the month.

Consider A Different Provider

There are hundreds of different mobile phone providers on the market today. So, it’s not always a clear choice when you first purchase your mobile phone which one is the best for you (and your wallet!) Therefore, assessing your current provider and considering whether you’d be better off in the hands of another is another way that you can aim to save money on your phone bill.

Ultimately cellular providers want to profit from the money you give them, and the only way to do so is by getting customers to spend more on their payment plans. Depending on which provider you opt for, you can find some good deals, whereas others are costly and can tie users into year-long agreements that can be challenging to free yourself from.

As well as many cellular providers out there, there are many flexible plans ranging from SIM-only, pay-as-you-go or no-contract options that you could consider to save yourself money. So regardless of whether you’re looking at switching providers or purchasing a new mobile, we recommend researching a range of cellular providers and plans to determine which is best for you.

For more insight into the different types of mobile plans, consider enlisting the services of cellular providers such as Lebara. As well as offering multiple plans that are available to use on a pay-as-you-go basis or a SIM-only network, they offer competitive rates that cater to a wide array of budgets. Consider browsing their website for more information about LebaraSIM-onlyplans, or get in contact to discover how their plans could help you save more on your monthly mobile phone bill.

Don’t Upgrade Your Phone

With renowned smartphone manufacturers like Apple, Samsung and Google releasing multiple new generations of phones each year, we understand that the urge to upgrade your phone can be intense. Especially with the pressure that some cellular providers put on their customers to upgrade, it can be tough to ignore temptation and stick with your current phone for as long as possible.

Often an overlooked method, holding onto your current phone until it needs to be replaced is one of the simplest ways to avoid increasing your mobile phone bill. Newly released mobiles are notorious for being expensive regardless of which payment plan you opt for, so avoid spending unnecessary money by getting tempted by the latest released smartphones. Instead, utilise your current one until it’s essential to replace it.

So, when the latest Apple or Samsung advert flashes on your television screen, ask yourself: Am I able to use my current phone with no problems? Does my phone have any damage that makes it harder to use? Can my phone send texts and receive calls with no issues? If the answer to the following questions is yes, then it’s more than likely that you don’t need a new phone – you just want one.

Be Conscious Of Background Data Usage

Even if you’re consciously trying to act upon our first point, you might have noticed that your mobile phone bill is still considerably high. This is because even when you’re not using the internet or cellular data,some of your mobile applications are still sneakily using data in the background unbeknownst to you.

Background data usage can drain your battery life, but it can also drain your wallet, so it’s essential to prevent this by disabling it in your phone’s ‘settings’ application. Once you’ve located ‘settings’, the next step is making sure that cellular data usage and background app refresh are toggled off for all your applications.

If you use specific applications while out and about, you can leave the background data usage switched on for these but ensure it is switched off for others, not in use. Doing so will prevent them from using cellular data throughout the day and surprise data charges in your next monthly phone bill. Besides, if you change your mind at any time, you can always revert the settings to normal with the press of a button.

Rethink/Reassess Your Insurance

Another way that you can cut down the costs of your mobile phone bill is by rethinking or reassessing its insurance (if you pay for it). Depending on the make and model of your mobile phone, you will be charged a premium for ensuring that it is protected against unforeseen circumstances and accidents.

The price of such varies between providers but can cost individuals between £34-£70 or more per year depending on whether the handset is old or new on top of their payment plan. For instance, if you pay £10 per month for your mobile phone insurance, that totals an additional £120 per year that you only spend because something might happen to your phone.

Instead, you could set aside a nominal amount of money per week so you can pay to replace or repair your phone should anything happen to it. If you cannot afford to replace or repair your phone outright, then the chances are that you’ve purchased a phone that is out of your budget, and it might be worth shopping around for or comparing cheaper insurance providers if you feel as though your phone must be protected.

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