Common Business Issues and How to Resolve Them

Whatever size your business may be, you’ll likely run into the same obstacle, frustrations, and issues as thousands of other business leaders across the country. They’re moments when you feel that your firm is under threat or that you feel you have to waste a good deal of time and money in order to resolve. This article identifies some of the most common business issues before showing you the ways in which you can resolve them. By understanding where issues arise and how they can be solved, you’ll save your firm time, money, and a good deal of frustration, too. 


When you’re working non-stop to acquire more clients and customers, you’ll naturally find that you don’t have the time to concentrate on certain tasks. One of those things that can fly under the radar is how much cash you actually have at your disposal to spend on resources, overheads, staff, and investments. In the worst scenarios, you’ll find that your cashflow is so poor that you are forced to turn to short-term loans in order to keep your firm afloat. That can mean more time tangled in financial tasks and less looking into how to run your firm better.

The way to resolve this issue is simple. You’re going to want to get your hands on financial forecasting software that processes your sales and spending data in order to present real-time insights about what your financial situation is likely to look like in the future. Using these apps, you can also set alerts when your cashflow reaches a certain point, which should give your forewarning of cashflow issues. In turn,that’ll consign these issues to the past.


Your firm has to pay tax just like everyone else. It’s frustrating and demoralizing, especially if you’re submitting your tax at the end of the year. Seeing what you thought were profits trickling away to the tax collector can feel annoying, but it’s a part of your business that you cannot afford to perform wrongly. If you accidentally or deliberately break your region’s tax laws, you could find yourself in serious trouble. So it’s important to remain on top of your tax affairs and, if possible, to do all you can to know what you’re going to owe in tax each month rather than each year.

In this respect, there are a series of tech products that are designed to help firms manage their tax and present their incomings and outgoings in a succinct and easily read manner. Some even produce statements that can help you understand the intricacies of your taxable amount. Make sure you’re keeping an eye out for these technologies and software solutions to help you better manage tax in the future.


Many businesses fall foul of regulations, and most of these are simply unaware that they are breaking the law before an enforcement agent comes knocking. When that does happen, you may face a large fine, and, in the worst circumstances, you may even find that you’re asked to go out of business entirely. Regulatory alignment should therefore be near the top of your agenda as a business manager who is interested in sustainability and the proper operation of a legal and sound business.

Still, how can you make sure that you are abiding by all the relevant regulations for your company? There are a handful of ways to gain confidence in this space. One of them will involve bringing in a consultant or specialist in the realm of regulations. They’ll be able to point to the areas that you need to change, which is important for firms that are interested in toeing the line perfectly. Meanwhile, there are also online assistants and even state institutions that respond quickly to your efforts to align with regulations.


Some firms don’t find it difficult to drum up more customers. Others struggle in this space and regularly have to look to expensive paid advertisements or disadvantageous partnerships in order to draw in their next cohort of consumers. These can be costly and ineffective, leaving you with sunk costs while you still are unable to enjoy the benefits brought by having more customers on your books. So how can you realistically increase your exposure so that you’re able to acquire more customers, including repeat customers? As you’d expect, the answer lies in astute marketing.

Marketing is a realm unto itself and something that those outside it are only faintly familiar with. You might see marketing as the placing of advertisement messages on billboards and on the front of YouTube videos. Actually, though, there are a wide range of different routes to getting new customers via marketing. That includes SEO, programmatic marketing, targeted advertising, and so much more. It’s well worth engaging with these techniques in order to boost the number of customers that you’re working with as a business.


Finally, most businesses will face one of several staffing issues in the future. Sometimes you’ll have too many staff, and you’ll be forced to let some go. Other times you’ll have too few staff, and you’ll be desperately scrabbling to find a new team member to fill the gaps. Other times still, you’ll have the ideal number of staff, but you’ll feel that you have people in your team who aren’t workings hard as you’d like them to – which drags your entire team’s productivity down a little. Getting staffing right matters, but how will you do it?

One of the keys here is to hire smartly. Use recruitment firms and work agencies in order to source new workers fast who have already been pre-vetted by the agency or firm. You can also run your own recruitment campaign, but then you should ensure that you’re looking out for the signs of a hard worker when you take them in for an interview. There’s nothing worse than making a new hire the doesn’t work hard – it’s something small businesses that are operating on tight models cannot actually sustain.

Make sure you’re taking care of these common business issues in order to give your firm the best chance of achieving success in the long-term future.

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