Celebrity style ideas to steal for the upcoming cold season

Celebrities are one of the best sources of inspiration when it comes to fashion. If you’re constantly scouring the internet looking for outfit inspiration, you’ve probably already seen the lists of best and worst dressed. You may have even decided on which celebrities are your style icons since the style of some likely fits your taste better. After all, even if you’re looking to celebs for inspiration, you mustn’t forget that clothing is, first and foremost, a form of self-expression.

In the wake of the pandemic, you might not be feeling your most inspired in the fashion department. After all, you’ve spent quite some time cooped up indoors, living in the same pair of sweatpants and hoodie and only going outside for the occasional grocery run. So, if you feel like you’re kind of lacking in creativity at the moment when dressing up is concerned, you’re not the only one.

But worry not. Here are a few hacks you can use that’ll make venturing outside much easier.

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As the temperature drops, you’ll want to have a bit more padding to keep you warm. Enter layering, an often-divisive trend because it can leave you feeling overdressed or as if your silhouette is misshapen. But when you get the hang of this look, you’ll never want to stop wearing it. One of the easiest ways to achieve this look is to add a knitted sweater vest over a crisp, button-up shirt (or t-shirt if the weather allows it), then add an oversized blazer.

Knitted pieces are warm, cozy, and easy to integrate into autumn styles. Another way to go about it is to wear fluffy, colorful or patterned sweaters on top of turtleneck or mock neck tops. You can also go a little wild with it and try some color blocking by adding a lilac cardigan on top of a light green top.

Mismatched influences 

One of the best things about personal style is that you can combine pieces however you like to achieve the desired results. This means combining clothing items that are, at first glance, starkly different from one another. One of the best examples is combining athleticwear with clothes that are more tailored and structured. While people no longer have to remain indoors to protect themselves, the enduring appeal of comfortable clothing persists. It’s difficult to say no to coziness, after all. Don’t shy away from combining contrasting textures.

Mix a track jacket with a midi skirt and high-heeled boots to get this effect, or add a tailored blazer or coat over a sweatshirt and a pair of slouchy trousers. If you’re looking for the perfect lounge pieces you can wear both inside and outside, head to This is J to shop from a wide selection of garments that are simultaneously fashionable and functional. Made from a high-quality blend of bamboo, cotton and spandex, the pieces are resistant, highly comfortable and hypoallergenic.


A well-known classic, leather pieces are a staple that can be mixed with anything. No matter what kind of leather piece you choose to incorporate into your outfit, you can be sure it’ll elevate the entire ensemble. The leather clothing that suits you best depends on your style. For example, a fitted midi skirt is the best option if you’re leaning toward an elegant look. Choose one in a solid black that can be matched with a wide assortment of flowy cardigans, stockings and low-heeled shoes.

Leather trousers are also a great option, and depending on preference, you can opt for a tighter pair or something with a bit of a wider leg and an elasticated waist. In this sense, you get the comfort of joggers but with the added stylistics of the leather. If you’re feeling a little bolder, you can always go for a leather dress. This statement piece can be worn for both evening parties and throughout the day; the only difference is adding a top underneath. If your dress has cut-outs or an open back and comes in a solid color like ecru, gray or pistachio green, you can take it as an opportunity to add a blouse with a maximalist design like wide sleeves or a dramatic collar.

And, of course, we can’t omit the classic leather blazer, jacket or coat. You can mix these pieces with everything, and they’re ideal for the colder months.

Ultramodern vintage 

Vintage shopping is all the rage. It’s better for the environment, it’s more financially responsible given the lower prices, and it also allows you to find some truly unique pieces that’ll make your style stand out. But what is modern vintage? It sounds like an oxymoron, but it’s simpler than you think to achieve. The trick is to look for pieces whose style is something you’d still see in stores nowadays. Only there’s a twist to them: they have a certain something that places them in another era. Trends change relatively fast, and what was popular a few decades ago is bound to come back in style sooner or later.

Think denim jackets with suit jacket tailoring, quilted coats, square-toe boots, velvet and flare shapes. Regarding jackets, look for something that combines the more formal aesthetic of a few decades ago but is made from comfortable fabrics that you can move in freely.

Bomber jackets

The bomber jacket is arguably one of the most popular in the world, owing to its versatility and comfort. However, this is the season to look for items with a bit of a twist. For example, you can look for a bomber jacket made from a material that’s a bit more unexpected such as suede or satin. And if you’re typically styling this piece with a classic pair of jeans, it might also be the time to consider other options. Lacy skirts or a pair of palazzo wide-leg trousers are just two of the dressier options you might want to try out.

As a new season rolls in, you’ll find yourself thinking about what you should wear. If you follow your style and look for some inspiration, you’ll be able to put together some truly impressive outfits.

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