CBD Oil for Dogs and the Many Ways it can Help your Animal Companion

While it is no news that CBD has many benefits for the human body, household pets such as dogs and cats could also find it useful in dealing with many health challenges. Many dog parents are not sure if they can trust cannabis products to be a safe health and wellness alternative for dealing with pet ailments. But the stats hold up following years of research into how cannabis extracts could be useful to both human and animal health. 

If you are interested in using CBD oil for dogs and would like to know how it can help your pet lead a happy life, you can find the sections below to be highly valuable. 

The Growth of the Pet Cannabis Industry 

In the last decade, one of the most highly experimented compounds that have helped breeds of dogs and cats to manage challenging health conditions is cannabidiol. And there was a time when the mention of cannabis could earn you a stern look not to talk about carrying it on your person. But it is fast becoming a household name as you can find many products that contain cannabis extracts. This page has more on cannabis products that are safe for pets. 

It is also true that the cannabis industry is a billion-dollar market as thousands of people shop products that contain the compound both for personal and pet use. The growth of the CBD industry could only soar because cannabis extracts have proven to be useful in managing conditions that relate to health and wellness. Still, there are lots of ongoing studies to understand the extents to which the compound could help pets lead happier lives. While you can check this link to learn more about the cannabis plant and its extracts, you will find below more on the ways CBD oil can be used for dogs. 

How CBD Oil can be of Benefit to Dogs?

Canines like humans suffer health challenges that can affect both their physical and mental wellbeing. And while there are many alternatives as regards medications for treating illness in dogs, below are some of the ways CBD oil can help dogs feel a lot better. 

Useful for Arthritis Pain 

As dog’s age, they suffer from conditions that affect movement due to inflammations in the joint. One such ailment is arthritis which sets in for most breeds from middle to old age. The chances are high in large breeds of canines and those that suffer from obesity. Poor nutrition, genetics, and injuries are also factors that can lead to arthritis in dogs. 

While there are many treatment options available for managing joint pain and inflammation in pets, you can find products that contain CBD for dogs arthritis that are certified by vets to be safe for use. These are usually in the form of topical solutions such as oils and balms that can be applied to the joint to ease pain and swelling. You will need to ensure that you shop for the right products that have been known to help dogs deal better with pain and inflammation. You can speak with a vet to find out more about the treatment options available for dog arthritis. 

Relief from Stress and Anxiety 

Having to cope with an anxious pup can be a challenging task as you also have to deal with your issues as well. And dogs can be a handful to handle when they get stressed out. There are many reasons why your animal companion may not be in the right mood. A change in the weather, an early sign of illness, or the occasional canine mood swings are some of the reasons why your dog may be feeling anxious. 

Cannabis has been known to help with dealing with stress and anxiety in animals and administering the right dosage of CBD can help calm down your anxious dog. When the extra cannabidiol acts on the endocannabidiol system it enhances the natural secretion of serotonin which helps in mood stabilization. And after a few hours, you should notice changes in your pet’s mood. 

Seizures and Epilepsy 

It is also common for canines to suffer from epileptic seizures which could negatively affect their well-being. While some of the common treatment options available include the use of antiepileptic drugs, the effect may not be suitable for animals to deal with. Options such as potassium bromide and phenobarbital could be harmful to organs such as the liver and kidney and are not advised as a safe treatment for dog seizures. 

With the use of CBD, you can be able to improve the function of the brain and nervous system thereby helping to deal with seizures. You will need to check with your vet to find out more about treatment options available for canine epilepsy and how you can get the best out of cannabis treatment. 

Dog Allergies 

You will also find CBD to be useful for dealing with allergic conditions that pets suffer from. The most common ones for canines include itching of the skin, interdigital cysts, or manifesting in the form of painful lesions in between the toes. You can administer cannabidiol to assist with improving the normal function of the ECS which will result in a calming effect that resolves allergic conditions. 

Other Benefits 

There are many other ways you can find CBD to help improve dog health. It could be useful for improving sleep and also enhancing digestive functions. Studies also show that it can be useful as a medication for treating cancer in dogs. It works by inhibiting the ability of the cells to produce energy which ultimately leads to the death of the cell. 

The pain and nausea associated with cancer treatment could also be reduced with the use of the right cannabis products for pets. This link https://pets.webmd.com/dogs/cbd-oil-for-dogs-what-to-know#1 has more on ways that canines can benefit from the right CBD product. 

Finding the Right CBD Oil for Dogs 

You will only be able to provide quality treatment for your pet when you opt for the best CBD products on the market. With many brands flooding the market regularly, it can be a challenge to find the right one for your pet condition. But with the right research or checking in with your vet about medically approved cannabis for dog ailments, you can find the ideal product that can help with your pet condition. 

Final Note 

When it comes to using CBD oil for dogs, you have to ensure you get the right product with quality cannabidiol and low THC. You also need to ensure you use the right dosage that will be able to assist your pet with getting the right treatment. You can always check with a vet to learn more about how cannabis could be useful for your pet’s condition and how best to use it.  

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