Can’t Keep your Cool when Playing the Roulette Casino? Try these Tricks

Similar to other gambling games, casino roulette has its moments. More so, anxiety-inducing moments when the wheel is spinning, bankrolls are shrinking, bet sizes are shooting upwards, and so are players’ emotions. Staying calm in such stressful situations is the true differentiating factor between amateurs and pundits. Plus, it will help you steer clear of costly, emotion-induced roulette mistakes.  If you are ready to ditch your old raging ways at the table and tame your emotions as good or bad as they come, try these five tips!

Make Peace with the Game’s Fleeting Nature. 

Are you the “win or nothing” type? If so, the roulette casino isn’t for you. While the ideal scenario is to earn as many mind-blowing wins as you possibly can, the nature of the game completely rebuts this. For one, you winning every game would translate into a string of losses for the casino owner. And a casino running losses just because you’ll burn down your car if you don’t win is simply laughable. Maybe try a charity for easy money? 

Secondly, the roulette wheel is structured in a way that your chance of winning a game is only 1/37 or 1/38, depending on the type of the roulette you’re playing. As the game is utterly random, experiencing three consecutive roulette losses isn’t very shocking. Know this, and know peace

Know Your Odds Beforehand

As a rule of thumb, never place a bet before knowing what the table limits are. This enables you to play roulette with a clear head and perspective. This also enables you to stay in line with your bankroll budget and avoid getting a mini-heart attack at the end of a gambling night. Also, avoid higher roller limits.

Practice Playing Online or at a Free Table

When you suspect that your gambling mastery isn’t level with that of other players, you might slip into a cycle of self-doubt, anxiety, and hyper aggressiveness to cover up. This is a great recipe for a wild emotional disaster. Therefore, try playing a free roulette casino table frequently to build your confidence and get used to the Casino’s atmosphere. 

Leverage Your Strategies But Don’t Trust Them Entirely

“Try these strategies to win your Next Roulette Game!” Such headlines are common and tempting, but equally misleading. When you lose consecutive roulette casino games despite leveraging a strategy that every expert seems to swear by, grabbing the said expert by the collar and shoving their face in a trash can might seem like the only sensible thing to do. But the thing is, strategies only exist to dim your chances of losing, since the deck is somehow stacked against you, but they don’t guarantee a win. Besides other bettors, there’s another enormous opponent to beat-The house.. The house always has an unfair mathematical advantage against all the players on the table. This advantage is called the house edge. The house (Casino) sticks up different forms of traps, incentives, and ideas to push you to the edge of your bankroll limit. Don’t let them. A great way to navigate this and stay stable is to stick to your strategy and minimize the house’s edge by trying these tricks:

  • Betting the table minimum
  • Take many pauses
  • Play even money bets

The bottom line is, don’t over rely on betting strategies

Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff

Albeit a worn-out slang, letting the tiny flakes slide will greatly secure your sanity in the heat of roulette moments. Prioritizing winning over having fun will make you miss out on the thrill of the roulette. Practice breathing controls before and during the game and start practicing meditation. 


Clearly, understanding how the roulette casino works is the secret sauce for boosting your winning chances and keeping your emotions in check. 

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