Can PEMF Raise Your Blood Pressure?

There are more than millions of people who face hypertension. High blood pressure puts you at the risk of other serious conditions like heart disease. Health experts are recommending and using PEMF therapy to treat many ailments with no side effects in a non-invasive way. Now, many small-sized devices are available that allow you to get treatment at home. You can check out such devices on HealthylineOutlet.com.

Some studies show that PEMF therapy helps with hypertension while others show quite the opposite. The question that arises here is whether this therapy raises your blood pressure or not. Keep reading to learn more.

How PEMF Works?

This therapy uses low-frequency electromagnetic pulses to heal your body inside out. The tiny pulses reach into your cells, stimulate, and regenerate them. So, this therapy cures the issue of the microscopic level. The best thing about this therapy is that it is noninvasive and has no major side effects. Because of these reasons, people are using this treatment to cure their injuries and pain. Apart from that, this therapy helps with many serious health conditions. Electromagnetic therapy also improves your sleep and reduces mental stress.

Is PEMF Safe for Hypertension?

Yes, this therapy is completely safe for hypertension. Some studies show that this treatment might reduce the risk of high blood pressure.

What are the Causes of High Blood Pressure?

Before getting deep into how this therapy reduces your blood pressure, you need to learn about the causes of hypertension. Following are some common causes of high bp.

1.      Bad Eating Habits

Poor eating habits are the main culprit of hypertension. People who consume a lot of junk food or food high in salt are more likely to get high BP.

2.      Age

Many health issues develop with age. People above 40 are more vulnerable to hypertension.

3.      Mental Stress

Mental stress is a major cause of hypertension in young people.

4.      Smoking

Smoking disturbs your blood circulation by narrowing down the blood vessels causing high blood pressure.

5.      Obesity

People who have obesity are more likely to develop hypertension. It is important to exercise to save yourself from obesity and most importantly, a healthy diet is key.

How PEMF Cures High Blood Pressure?

PEMF therapy can reduce your blood pressure in the following ways.

It Improves Circulation

Poor blood circulation in the body leads to an increase in blood pressure. The electromagnetic pulses ensure the smooth supply of blood in your vessels and thus, reduce blood pressure. Also, this therapy encourages your body to regenerate and heal damaged blood arteries to improve blood flow.

It Reduces Inflammation

Many studies have shown that PEMF reduces inflammation in your body. This therapy reduces inflammation in veins encouraging blood circulation. As the inflammation is released, the muscular pain and stress reduce, and so does the blood pressure.

It Gets You Relaxed

PEMF therapy reduces mental stress and anxiety. As stress is one of the major causes of hypertension, this therapy reduces the chances of it. Also, the PEMF therapy cures your sleep issues and gets your body relaxed.

Potential Risks Of PEMF for Hypertension

If you take any medication for blood pressure or any blood-thinning tonic, consult a doctor before getting this therapy to avoid risks.

Final Words

To conclude, PEMF therapy does not cause hypertension, it helps to treat it. The effects of this therapy ensure good blood circulation and reduce the chances of hypertension. PEMF reduces inflammation in vessels, improves cell oxygenation, and the healing power of vessels which in turn reduces blood pressure. However, to avoid any risks, you should consult a health specialist before getting this therapy to treat hypertension.

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