Blind Justice

For decades Macedonia has been on the cusp of joining the EU (so we hope), an event that has taken far too long to achieve. We Macedonians have been denied for far too long, but do we deserve it? The EU has some of the highest standards for their citizens be they a beggar on the streets or a Prime Minister. One of the key statues of regulation to be part of the EU is justice for all. Our prime minister Zoran Zaev needs to take notice of this.

As the head of this great nation Zaev must administer justice so that everyone is equal in the eyes of the law. He has failed to do so.

Many cases of a relative application of justice exists in the courts today. Corruption, perjury, and extortion just to name a few crimes, have been rampant in our courts. Not just with criminals but officers of the court, those that have been charged to uphold the laws of the land have failed their charges and our people. A noted example can be found in the case of a local businessman, Jordan Kamcev.

He is being persecuted by the government, for being associated with the last government. Not for any wrong doing as a political agent, just a citizen who was friendly with the last administration. In essence he is being targeted for his association with the wrong political party.

For multiple years the government under Zaev, has been after Kamcev and time and time again he has been exonerated. The government’s own special prosecutor Katica Janeva, who led the Special Prosecutor Office who’s mandate was to investigate corruption; who was appointed by Zaev, was not only unable to build a case against him but was found guilty of extorting him for €1.5 million. Kamcev has exposed multiple corrupt occurrences against the government in their persecution of him.

Boki-13 a famed entertainer that turned businessman was found guilty of allying himself with the head of special prosecutor’s office to extort the said €1.5 million from Kamcev. In a special session that was side linked to Kamcev, Janeva and Boki-13 were found to be guilty of extortion and perjury, they were sentenced to seven and nine years respectively. Like most white-collar criminals Boki-13 was sent to house arrest while Kamcev was sent to prison. Read that again, those that were charging Kamcev were not only breaking the law and found guilty but it is Kamcev that is sitting in prison during his trial.

The inequal justice that has been displayed in this case highlights the personal relationship Boki-13 has with Zaev. In most civilized countries, white collar criminals are sent to house arrest or “club fed”, but not here. Boki-13 is able to enjoy his home while Kamcev, who is being charged with white collared crime is in prison.

This treatment by the government shows that the leaders of Macedonia have positioned our country where we will never be part of the EU, nor should we.

These are the acts of a corrupt and desperate prime minister. Zaev ran on a platform that he would root out corruption and that we would finally be able to finish a journey that has so far taken 20 years in the making, joining the EU. He has thus far failed to keep his campaign promises. Macedonia has capitulated in multiple incidents; we have forsaken our name and our language to appease EU member states, under Zaev’s leadership. Yet we have seen no progress.

Corruption is still rampant, in the police and our courts there are multiple incidents were this government has blatantly broken the law. Under the Zaev administration we stand in the 111st corruption statistics in the world, the worst placing we have ever faced.

EU member states have demanded that Macedonia change its name and hide its symbols so that we would not be confused with ancient Greece. Macedonian nationalist claim that this will strip the honor we have of our ancestors. Yet, we have already shamed ourselves for allowing our courts to be corrupted; the highest offices in the land have failed us. Our Lady Justice is blindfolded so as to uphold justice. She is blindfolded so that we will not see her weep.

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