‘Big data’ analytics proving useful for online casinos

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The online gambling industry has enjoyed dramatic growth across the world in recent years as more mainstream casinos make the move online, joining the hundreds of web-based only casino platforms to reach the growing audience of players who are taking part. 

With so many platforms competing for customers and their money, and customers wanting an experience that differs from what they may usually encounter, the development of big data analytics is proving influential to the industry.

Here we take a look at what big data is and how it is being used by online casinos, but first, let’s touch on that aforementioned growth…

New experiences 

Like anything carried out online, casino players are looking for something new and different to convince them to visit a platform. Now they can find numerous unique variants of casino games to play, such as online blackjack at Paddy Power Games, which boasts over 30 different blackjack games via the lobby. It is a platform which provides the options of both free and real money play and its live dealer games against other live players online add an element of reality to proceedings.

Furthermore, the unique opportunity to ‘cash out’ on certain games – deciding when you would like to take your winnings and leave – is not just a fresh take on a classic game but also reassures players that they are partaking in a fair and safe experience. All of this is contributing to the increase in players. 

So we know why online casinos are becoming more popular, but what are they doing to keep ahead of the competition? This is where the big data comes in.

Data collection

Big data analytics is a process whereby AI technology is used to analyse a large amount of information in order to reveal specific patterns, preferences and trends in any given industry. In the online gambling industry, this relates to customers’ gambling habits and gaming preferences. 

Age, gender and location are important factors of data to help online casinos profile their players in order to market the most suitable sorts of games to specific customers, but playing habits are the largest signifier of big data to this end. As this article from Yogonet highlights, players enjoy a fully personalised experience because their habits are mapped from their first play, which allows online casinos to provide specific bonuses on games they know a player enjoys and plays more often.

Furthermore, the platforms are equally benefiting from big data analytics as they can use this information to aim new games at customers who enjoy similar types of games, whilst also looking to improve those games that might not gain much traction.


So big data analytics is benefiting the providers by gathering knowledge of their customers and their habits, and in turn is benefiting the players as this knowledge is used to create a catered experience that is specific to each player, or group of players.

As the industry continues its upwards trend, which is evidenced clearly by Statista, with more and more players joining online casino platforms, the use of mutually-beneficial big data looks set to continue. The potential for changing and developing online gambling habits is already covered by this technology, meaning its importance will always be the case. 

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