Best Breakout Stars Of The NFL Season 2021

Looking through the 2021 fantasy football season, a couple of things are to be set in place for the season. It is therefore quite essential for fantasy owners preparing for the new season to identify breakout players.

These are players that, based on prior seasons, have had injuries, should have an increased workload on them, will absolutely have better players around them, and have shown signs of promise late in the year.

Below are some of the best breakout stars of NFL Season 2021:

●       Gus Edwards {Baltimore Ravens}

One of the premier rushing teams in the NFL is the Baltimore Ravens. They ended up in first place in total yards, yards per carry, and rushing attempts in 2020. Also, they came in third place in rushing touchdowns with 24. Considering J.K Dobbins seemed clued-up for a breakout year right before his season-ending injury and putting the Baltimore Ravens on the edge of replacing him, taking Gus Edwards as the best player for his replacement.

Gus Edward, popularly known as “Gus Bus”, is a fourth-year running back, having averaged about 5 yards per carry and rushed for about 700 yards in each of his first three seasons, making him close to hitting the 1,000-yard mark with a considerable increase in touch. With regards to Dobbin’s injury, Gus should definitely be drafted as an RB2.

●       Michael Pittman Jr. {Indianapolis Colts}

Michael Pittman, with an amazing speed, talent, and body side of 6-foot-4 and weighing 223 pounds, is set to become the Indianapolis Colts’ first target following their innovative passing attack, which is led by Carson Wentz, the team’s quarterback. In 2020, Michael Pittman tallied a total of 40 receptions for about 803 yards and a touchdown as a rookie, making it quite obvious to expect a wild increase this fall.

One of the best games played by Michael Pittman Jr. was during their playoff matchup against the Buffalo Bills, where he was able to haul in five receptions for 90 yards, showing a preview of what to expect from him. And it won’t come as a shock when he pulls some amazing stunts like never before.

●        CeeDee Lamb {Dallas Cowboys}

Following the return of quarterback Dak Prescott after missing about 11 games due to his injury, and a strong rookie season for Lamb, giving him a chance to gain popularity in the fantasy drafts.  CeeDee Lamb was able to post a total of 74 receptions on about 111 targets for 935 yards and 5 touchdowns.

Given that Dak was to be in good shape, CeeDee would be able to hit close to 95 receptions and above 1,000 receiving yards. Making it quite astonishing as CeeDee’s only 1,000 yards game in the year 2020 was when Dak Prescott was also in line.

●        Brandon Aiyuk {San Francisco 49ers}

Brandon Aiyuk tallied 60 receptions for 748 yards and 5 touchdowns in a total of 12 games. After a difficult first half of the NFL season, Brandon had a strong finish to his rookie season. In between weeks 7 and 15, Brandon played 6 matches, averaging 7.5 receptions for 95 yards per match, and about 4 receiving touchdowns.

Every single day, he continuously becomes a huge threat with amazing game potential due to his excellent speed. Brandon Aiyuk has the potential to approach 80 receptions for 1,000 yards and also a total of about 8 touchdowns in the second year.


The start of each NFL season comes along with new hopes arising that a team’s promising player will possibly turn up as a breakout star of the NFL season.

As the Superbowl comes closer and closer, it’s time to reflect on those who are running to be rookie of the season and the names mention should be contenders to that title. Remember you can learn how to bet on the Super Bowl if you visit this website: https://edge.twinspires.com/nfl/how-to-bet-on-the-super-bowl/

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