Best BNB to BTC Сonverter in 2022

When you are swapping coins, you want to use the best BNB to BTC converter to get profitable rates and keep your funds safe at any stage of exchange. That’s why choosing a reliable converter is a must.

How to choose the best one though? We have prepared for you a guide on how to choose the most suitable exchange service. We have mentioned the basic criteria without which considering a platform is not reasonable. But if you believe that something else is important, just add your criteria and look for a platform that suits you in the best way.

Legality of the Service

A cryptocurrency exchange service is first of all a company dealing with your money. So, it is important to check whether the exchange is registered legally. If there is a legal address, you can move on with other factors. If the company is not registered, be ready that it can just vanish together with your funds.


There are several factors to pay attention to when it comes to service security. The very first thing to check is whether the company website is protected. to do so, have a look at the company’s URL. If it starts with https, where “s” stands for SSL certificate protection, your information that you are sending on the website is secure. If the website URL starts with http, it is not recommended to provide any personal or financial data there. Moreover, it is not recommended to entrust such a resource your funds,

Availability of Needed Coins

If the platform doesn’t offer to swap the needed coins, you cannot use it even if otherwise, the service is perfect. So, check whether the required cryptocurrencies are available. Then, you can proceed with other crucial factors.

Information Needed to Make Decisions

Along with an easy-to-use widget, the selected platform shall provide information needed for a trader. If one wants to check Cardano price prediction, price movement graphs, current exchange rates in a specific cryptocurrency pair, the coin market cap, trading volume, or any other information, it shall be available on the website. With such information, a platform is much more convenient to use.

Customer Support

If you are dealing with money, you need to be sure that a company representative is there to assist and solve issues in case they arise. The customer support shall be available either via email or in a live chat. As an option, you can consider a phone number. Even if the platform is the best and the safest, things might happen. And if the things happen, you will need somebody who can assist to solve them. So, the availability of functional and professional customer support is a must.

Other Details

Finally, you need to check whether the service offers convenient rates (instant exchange platforms are better because they choose the most profitable deals). If the sum is small, the difference between different exchanges might be a couple of cents. But in the long term, you might earn a lot if you choose a profitable exchange.

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